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Photo-hosting platform SmugMug unveils brand new Apple TV app

Apple TV (2015)
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
Photo hosting and sharing platform SmugMug has officially launched its first app for Apple TV. Now, in addition to viewing photos in your browser and on your smartphone, you will be able to browse and show off your favorite photographs on your television.

Much like SmugMug’s mobile apps, the Apple TV app enables you to browse through photos that you’ve uploaded to your account, and also flip through the work of other photographers you follow on SmugMug.

If you don’t feel like scrolling through your photos with the Apple TV remote, there’s a dedicated slideshow mode that will put together a simple slideshow of images from any given collection. No need to bother with settings or continually pressing “next” on the remote.

Also included in the SmugMug Apple TV app is a discovery mode that allows you to look through the work of a selection of photographers from around the world. SmugMug also notes that it will soon add to the app a Feature Photographer section, which will showcase the work of the best SmugMug photographers from around the globe. Even you can get in on the action if you are chosen.

SmugMug also showcases its growing collection of award-winning films, which it has recently taken to producing. These films follow photographers from all over the world, documenting their activities to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they prepare for and capture their images.

To promote the new app, SmugMug is also running a giveaway campaign in collaboration with SLR Lounge. Simply sign up here and your name will be entered to win one of three Apple TVs, as well as a SmugMug business account and a SmugMug prize pack.

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