Here is what users are saying about that new Snapchat redesign

When Snapchat announced a redesign of the user interface last year, the company said the change could be temporarily disruptive and many users that have access to the update would probably agree. The reorganized Snapchat is only live in a handful of countries including Australia, Canada, and the U.K., with a global rollout planned before the end of March.

Even with the slow rollout, the reviews of the update have been largely negative and there are now even petitions to fix or remove the update. The updated user interface splits public posts from friends with a left swipe for friends and a right swipe for publishers, but there are a few other changes mixed in with the new organization scheme. So should you go in and turn off the automatic updates? Here’s what some users saying about the new design.

Snaps aren’t in chronological order

Instead of chronological order,  Snaps and Stories are algorithmically ranked based on the users you interact with the most.

Publishers may be separated from friends, but mixed with users you don’t follow

Stories are harder to find

Stories, Snaps and messages are all mixed in on a left swipe to access the friend section rather than located in separate spots. Re-watching a friend’s Story also now requires navigating to their profile.

Or not

With more ads

Hey, Snapchat’s gotta pay the bills. Snapchat just posted a profit in the last quarter of 2017 after a rough year on Wall Street — and of course, some of that is from advertising.

Making Snapchat easier for new users can confuse current users

But while you’re updating…

At least the Bitmojis are good…

But Snapchat isn’t done updating

Snapchat saw its highest user growth numbers yet in the last quarter of 2017, along with growth among users older than 35. Snapchat isn’t done updating the app though — CEO Evan Spiegel said the team has already started optimizing the update based on feedback but that the team will continue optimizing the new design through the next several months.