Sony DCR-HC40 MiniDV Camcorder Review

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“The HC40 is smaller than the Canon and has an internal lens cover, which is more secure than Canon’s pop-off cover. Other nice touches include new controls on the LCD panel to start and stop recording and to enable and disable LCD backlighting, saving battery power while shooting. The intelligent accessory shoe can power and control a light or microphone; the camera’s external microphone port provides even greater expandability.

We did find some issues with usability. The tiny zoom lever is difficult to control, and the three LEDs (indicating which mode you’re in) are impossible to see in direct sunlight. We also found the HC40’s touch-screen controls a mixed bag. The panel itself is remarkably smudge-resistant and logically organized, and we liked the ability to touch areas on the screen to direct focus and exposure. But some operations are awkward, and the camera has a tendency to jerk when you adjust parameters via the touch screen while shooting.”

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