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Sony abandons audio-video-editing software, sells business to Germany's Magix

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Sony’s business has strengthened in recent years, but that hasn’t stopped the company from trimming off some of the excess fat, so to speak. In the past few years, Sony has sold off its VAIO laptop division as well as its online gaming division, Sony Online Entertainment. Now, the company is selling off almost all of its Sony Creative Software programs to Magix, a German software company that specializes in multimedia software.

The acquisition, according to Videomaker, includes Sony’s Vegas Pro, Sound Forge Pro, Movie Studio, and ACID Pro programs. Not included in the sale is Sony’s recently-released Catalyst software, which is designed for seamless post-production of 4K video in Sony RAW formats.


In a press release announcing the acquisition, Magix CEO, Klaus Schmidt, said, “These products from Sony Creative Software are the perfect addition to our portfolio,” adding that the goal is to release updated versions of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio later this year.

Magix promises ongoing support for Sony Creative Software customers, so it seems the acquisition isn’t just about a talent-grab, with no intentions of keeping the software around. That said, there’s always a risk long-term that Magix changes course in its business strategy.

Sony Creative Software itself was born out of an acquisition Sony made in early 2000. Overall, the sale seems like a win-win for both Sony and Magix. Sony is looking to cut down unnecessary spending, while Magix is hoping to expand its presence into the United States. There’s not much of a better way to do that than to piggy-back off Sony’s known program names and eventually update them into the programs they’re capable of becoming.

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