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Visual storytelling platform Storehouse announces it’s shutting down

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Another one has bitten the dust. Yesterday, Storehouse announced it is shutting down on July 15, 2016.

An online storytelling platform that fell somewhere between Instagram and Medium, Storehouse has long attempted to carve out a place for itself in a very crowded marketplace. Unfortunately, that never happened and as a result, the time has come to close the doors.

Over the years, Storehouse has undergone a handful of changes. From small, incremental UI alterations to significant redesigns in how users interact with each other’s content, Storehouse attempted multiple iterations in hopes of pivoting the company to success.

“While we are very proud of what we accomplished,” said Storehouse CEO Mark Kawano, “we were unable to achieve the type of growth necessary to justify the continued operation of the service.”

Storehouse is giving users a month — until July 14, 2016 — to download all of their content from the online storytelling platform. Once July 15 hits, Storehouse will officially become a ghost town and no longer available for download. Unsurprisingly, Storehouse is no longer accepting sign-ups and stories can no longer be made.

As a final farewell to all of its users, Kawano has left the following as a small tribute and thank you to those who made the platform what it was while it lasted:

Thank you to everybody in our community for the support. Your stories have inspired us, and while we are sad to be closing down, I hope that we have inspired you as well.

Interestingly, as told by Kawano to TechCrunch, the entire Storehouse team is moving over to Square. No specifics were given though as to whether or not this was the result of a silent acquisition.

For Storehouse users looking for their next destination, we would highly recommend Exposure. The team behind it is constantly developing new tools and features for immersive and interactive storytelling and overall have been making it the go-to platform for bringing photo stories to life.

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