Strengthen the bond of Sony camera lenses with this replacement mount

strengthen bond sony camera lenses replacement mount fotodiox tough e pro 06

The compact form-factor of mirrorless cameras make them easy to carry, but their smaller sizes could pose an issue when attaching a heavy lenses or those from third-party lens makers. For owners of Sony’s E-mount Alpha/NEX cameras, whether it’s the full-frame A7-series or the APS-C A6000, Dpreview found a product called Fotodiox (via PetaPixel), called the Tough E-Mount, that does as its name suggests: to strengthen the camera’s mounting system.

Why would you want to install a new mount? Some Sony owners have reported a loose connection when a lens is mounted. Some easy assembly is required with the Tough E-Mount (takes about 5 minutes), but the new metal ring (chrome brass) effectively replaces the camera’s original mount and provides a movement-free coupling, Dpreview says.

The Tough E-Mount sells for $40 – a small investment to ensure your lenses are mounted properly. However, since you’re altering the camera, it could void Sony’s warranty; always double-check before you make any modifications, and save the original parts.

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