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AP photographers to receive Sony cameras and lenses in exclusive partnership

Images from the Associated Press will soon be almost exclusively shot with Sony gear. In a collaboration announced today, the AP says that its journalists located in 100 different countries will all be outfitted with Sony cameras, lenses, and accessories. A Sony representative told Digital Trends that each full-time photographer and videographer will be outfitted with two Sony bodies and four to five lenses and accessories.

Prior to the agreement, AP photographers shot with a mix of different gear and brands. With the new agreement, full-time staffers will exclusively use Sony gear for both photos and video. The agreement does not affect freelance content creators, who may continue to use their own gear.

A Sony representative also said that, in addition to providing photojournalists and videographers with their own gear, the AP’s loaner gear will also be switched to Sony. The process will take one to two years before each photographer has their gear switched out, but delivery is already starting, including full-frame mirrorless bodies and 4K XDCAM video cameras. Gear will be replaced with new cameras and lenses as needed, Sony says.

AP collaboration with Sony

The collaboration could also encourage new journalism-focused features to be developed in Sony cameras. Sony and the AP will work together to test 5G capabilities, as well as other improvements to workflow in the field.

Today’s announcement marks the first time that AP journalists will be shooting with the same brand of gear across the news organization. AP journalists produce around 3,000 photos and 200 videos each day. Full-time staff work from 250 different locations around the world.

In a press release, AP deputy managing editor for visual and digital journalism Derl McCrudden said the AP’s vision for visual journalism aligns with Sony’s innovation. “AP is committed to providing the best imagery to our member news organizations and customers across the globe,” he said. “Adopting Sony’s cutting-edge equipment and technology allows us to do that, by enabling our photographers and video journalists to be faster and more flexible, ultimately creating better visual journalism.” The AP Director of Photography, David Ake, also noted the ability to use a silent shutter to avoid interruption.

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