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Slow down your exposures with Syrp's new 'Super Dark' VND filter

syrp nd filter super dark variable 3
Camera manufacturers are consistently working on making cameras capable of capturing more light than ever with fewer noise artifacts. Despite this, there are photographers all over the globe looking to decrease the amount of light their cameras capture in an effort to create a certain aesthetic.

To do this, photographers use neutral density filters, often referred to as ND filters, which are dark pieces of tinted glass. ND filters come in all shapes and sizes and are available in static strengths, as well as variable strengths.

Syrp, a photo company most known for its time-lapse and landscape photography equipment, has released its own variable ND filter called the Super Dark VND filter and it is able to adjust the exposure of an image by 5 to 10 stops with a simple twist of the wrist.

The filter comes in 62mm and 82mm sizes and screws directly onto the end of a compatible lens. Once screwed on, the Super Dark VND filter lets you precisely adjust how many stops of light you want to change the exposure by. The five stops are marked directly on the ring of the filter and integrated hard limit stops ensure you have the correct range for every scene.


Uses for variable ND filters range from long exposure photography to time-lapse photography, each of which presents its own challenges for photographers.

Syrp’s 67mm Super Dark VND filter costs $169 and comes with adapters to connect it to 52mm and 58mm lens threads. The 82mm model will set you back $209 and comes with adapters for 72mm and 77mm lens threads. Both models come with a custom case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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