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TetherBoost Pro could make tethering your camera with USB 3.0 more reliable

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Tether Tools
Dropped connections are a common issue when shooting with a tether, but Tether Tools believes they’ve discovered a solution that will work at up to 65 feet.

The company says that the biggest issue behind establishing and maintaining a connection between the camera and USB is that many computer manufacturers under-power their ports in order to beef up that battery life spec — most laptops and computers aren’t designed specifically for the demands of a tethered shoot. That means even high-end cameras, from DSLRs to medium-format backs, will loose connection to the computer. But now, the TetherBoost Pro helps to regulate the power between the computer and camera, eliminating connections dropped for a lack of energy, while still using the speed of a USB 3.0 connection. An LED light indicates when the connection is active.

The system also uses an AC power adapter. While the adapter isn’t necessary for regulating the power and maintaining that connection, it prevents strain on both the computer and camera’s battery.

Along with regulating the power, the cord includes a locking mechanism to prevent accidental unplugs caused by venturing too far from the computer. The system will work as far as 65 feet, if you connect multiple TetherBoost Pros and extensions together, since the actual extension is just over 3 feet. The company recommends using a second TetherBoostPro to connect cables longer than 16 feet, regulating the power to prevent dropped connections at that length.

“For a photographer, technical issues including a dropped tethered connection are incredibly frustrating, especially if you have clients on set,” Tether Tools president Josh Simons said. “The TetherBoost Pro System ensures a strong, reliable tethered connection, stopping those frustrating dropped connections and is a must-have for any photographer who shoots using a USB 3.0 camera.”

The TetherBoost Pro system retails for about $65.

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