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Use your Apple Watch to take a selfie with your iPhone with Snap Tapp

tourists fall off cliff in selfie attempt stick
Technology has stopped at nothing to make the art of the selfie easier for the amateur photographer. First came the timer, then the front-facing camera, then the God-awful selfie stick. And now, as if all of these important innovations weren’t enough to help you master the art of taking a picture of yourself, there’s a new app in town. And it’s not even for your phone. It’s for your Apple Watch.

Snap Tapp

Meet Snap Tapp, the app that lets you take a photo by smacking yourself. Alright, fine — “smacking” is a bit of an exaggeration — rather, you tap your Apple Watch-wearing hand against yourself in order to trigger your camera. Because sometimes, pushing a button is just too much work.


Using the app is a breeze — almost as easy as it already is to take a selfie. After installing Snap Tapp on both your Apple Watch and iPhone, the app’s creators explain, “Just hold your iPhone up to capture the shot and then tap your hand against your leg. You will hear a slight sound on your Watch indicating the photo was taken and will instantly see it on your phone.”

And if you thought that selfies were all Snap Tapp could do, think again. According to the app’s website, “In addition to taking selfies, you can use the rear-facing camera for other shots.” While Snap Tapp may not be able to take credit for the iPhone’s ability to take photos, it’s a good reminder for those of us who are disturbingly attached to the front-facing camera and the front-facing camera only.

Better still, the Snap Tapp app comes with a shutter button (which sort of seems to defeat the purpose, but who am I to judge? — if you can hold your phone in one hand and tap the shutter button on your Apple Watch with your other hand, more power to you.

And because everyone has to compete with Instagram, Snap Tapp comes with 10 different filters, including sepia, fade, dots, and vignette.

You can purchase Snap Tapp for Apple Watch and iPhone on the Apple Store for the bargain price of $2.99, and rest assured that your selfie game is about to get more serious than ever.

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