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New action cams from WASPcam can be submerged up to 98 feet without a case

Anyone in the market for an action camera has more options than ever, and as companies continue to carve out their places in the market, WASPcam is elevating its game with some of the most rugged and capable models available. Digital Trends caught up with WASPcam’s Chris Kooistra, at Getgeeked during the 2016 CE Week tech conference to talk about the company’s latest innovations and upcoming cameras.

The new CAMO model, as the name suggests, is finished in a camouflage pattern. Designed for hunting, fishing, and boating, it includes accessories specific to those activities, such as the Outdoor Utility Mount that can be attached to a rifle scope. It also comes with a wrist remote. The camera records video up to 1440p at 30 frames per second and takes 16-megapixel still photos.

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Also shown is the upcoming WASPcam 4K, the company’s first 4K-capable action camera. The still photo capabilities have also been boosted up to 20 megapixels.

Both new action cameras come with WASPcam’s unique features, like built-in LCD screens and LED lights for filming in low-light situations. The waterproof cameras can dive down to 98 feet, without the need for a case. An optional powered handle can be connected to extend battery life to up to eight hours.

The entry-level WASPcam is priced at $230, while the CAMO will come in at $280 and 4K at $330.

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