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Trends with Benefits: Google Docs phishing scam, Elon’s tunnel, and comedian Shane Torres

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Google Docs Phishing Scam: If you have a Gmail account (and who doesn’t?) you probably received an invitation to a fake Google Docs app this week. It was definitely a very advanced attempt to infiltrate accounts from hackers. Did you fall victim to it?

Qualcomm vs. Apple: These two tech giants have been slugging it out in the courts, with competing lawsuits against each other. Qualcomm may even attempt to block the import of iPhones into the United States! Do you think anyone really has the power to take down Apple?

Elon’s tunnel concept: We already knew that Elon Musk was getting serious about his desire to dig tunnels under LA, to help solve traffic problems. However, he has now released a video showing the concept of it.

Robot Newscasters: Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, want to take Siri and Alexa-type AI, to the next level. The plan is to develop something that can carry on coherent and engaging conversations with humans, to where some newscasters wouldn’t even be necessary. Is something you would want to engage in?

A Robot challenge from China: We already know that there is a big robot battle going down this summer, between Megabots from the US and Suidobashi’s Kuratas of Japan. However, a company from China called Greatmetal has now entered the fray with it’s own robot called Monkey King. Who would you side with to win the battle?

Bridgetown Comedy Festival: Our special guest today is Shane Torres! Shane is a phenomenal comedian and recently recorded a Comedy Central Presents special for the upcoming season of this series. Make sure to check him out wherever and whenever you can!

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Shane Torres, Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle and Greg Nibler.

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