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Trends with Benefits: Apple’s Homepod and a Super Nintendo World theme park

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Super Nintendo World: The Switch gaming console has brought a lot of people back into the Nintendo fold. Now we have more details about Universal’s Nintendo Theme Park plans, including the addition of a real-life Mario Kart attraction!
Apple’s Homepod: The Siri-based competitor for Google Home and Amazon’s Echo was officially unveiled at WWDC. It’s a little ways out and seems to be a little short on big advancements over other Home Assistants, but will the audio capabilities be enough to sway buyers towards it’s platform?
Next step in 3D Printing: Drew went to Boston last week, to check out a new 3D Printer from company called Formlabs. The Startup’s printer, called Fuse 1, feeds strands of plastic filament through a hot nozzle, then layering it to create an object.
U.N. AI Summit: The summit on Artificial Intelligence at the U.N. is debating what problems the technology could solve for humanity. Meanwhile, a group of researchers are using decisions made by humans playing Atari 2600 games, to teach AI how we tackle complex problems.
Bed bug busting device: No one likes bed bugs and a Delta Five has come up with a unique way to help detect the pests. Using a 3 inch box to capture them, the Automated Insect Monitoring System can help users quickly identify infestations.

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This week’s episode features Caleb Denison, Drew Prindle, Adrien Warner and Greg Nibler.

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