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Universal is going all out with its ‘Super Mario Land’ theme park

Universal Studios’ Nintendo theme park in Osaka, Japan, is still a few years away, but a new teaser video gives us an idea of what to expect from the area. If you were hoping for an abundance of Mario, you’re going to very happy.

The teaser video, which you can watch above, begins with Mario running through a green pipe as he makes his way to Super Nintendo World’s main area. Behind him is Peach’s castle, which looks like a smaller version of the castle seen in Super Mario 64, and as the camera pans out, we see several other locations throughout the park. Piranha Plants sit up on a hill, coins are visible in the background along with green trees, and Bowser’s castle sits ominously in the background. Atop highest visible peak, there is also a flag — we’re hoping that grabbing it will earn visitors a discount or an extra day for free.

Though details on individual attractions are slim, Universal Studios Japan did reveal that a Mario Kart-themed area will be part of the park. We really hope they found a way to implement blue shells into go-kart racing.

There could also be an ice-themed section of the park. At the tail end of the teaser, several snow-covered buildings are visible next to Bowser’s castle. We’re guessing the area won’t be slippery, however, to keep clumsier visitors from falling off the edge and losing their own life.

Universal’s Nintendo theme parks are being created with the direct involvement of Nintendo and producer Shigeru Miyamoto. The Osaka location is scheduled to open in 2020, while there will also be parks opening at later dates in Orlando and Hollywood. Though they appear to be limited to Mario attractions thus far, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Zelda, Splatoon, Pokémon, or Animal Crossing characters make an appearance, as well.

Nintendo holds its E3 Nintendo Direct event on June 13. The company is expected to show off more of Mario’s latest adventure, Super Mario Odyssey, as well as other upcoming Switch and 3DS titles.

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