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All hidden chest locations in Super Mario RPG

The remake of the SNES game Super Mario RPG is about as faithful as any fan could hope for. The classic characters, locations, combat mechanics, and music are all back in a new and charming graphical style. While there are a few new tweaks and additions here and there, for the most part, the world is just as you remember from your childhood. That includes those tricky Hidden Chests. Just like in the original, a special set of hidden chests are waiting to be found all across the game world, but for those who haven’t played the original, you may go most (if not the entire) game without finding them. Hidden chests, in this case, are actually invisible until Mario jumps up and activates them. Mario is a superstar jumper, but even he would get tired of jumping everywhere possible in search of these secret chests. We’ll point out where to find all 39 Hidden Chests in Super Mario RPG so you can reap the rewards without pulling your hair out while trying to find them.

We will list every Hidden Chest in the order you should naturally come across them as you’re playing the game so you can follow along. However, if you’ve already missed some, none of them are missable, so you can always backtrack to get any you might have accidentally passed by. You should also equip the Signal Ring to alert you when a Hidden Chest is in your area.

Hidden Chest 1

Mario hitting a hidden block.

It’s in the Mushroom Kingdom Item Shop basement. This is the tutorial chest that the Toad uses to introduce the Hidden Chests, as well as give you the Signal Ring.

Hidden Chest 2

Mario jumping off a toad to hit a block.

Same location, but jump on top of the toad to reach it.

Hidden Chest 3

Mario above a door in a castle.

Leap off a toad’s head to reach the ledge in the Mushroom Castle.

Hidden Chest 4

Mario jumping off a plateau.

Use the spinning flower on Bandit’s Way.

Hidden Chest 5

Mario jumping in a shop.

Leap on the back cabinet in the Item Shop in Rose Town.

Hidden Chest 6

Mario jumping on the bed.

Above the bed in the house on the hill at the north east of Rose Town.

Hidden Chest 7

Mario entering a forest.

On the first screen entering the Forest Maze.

Hidden Chest 8

Mario near a stump.

After the first underground section, go to the left of the stump.

Hidden Chest 9

Mario in a cave with a wasp.

In the area with seven stumps, go down the first on your right.

Hidden Chest 10

Mario in a cave near a spring.

Going back to the seven stumps, go down the second on the left.

Hidden Chest 11

Mario in a cave.

Finally, use the last stump in the center.

Hidden Chest 12

Mario near a save point.

After navigating the maze and reaching the Save Block, jump in the corner.

Hidden Chest 13

Mario in a sewer.

In the Pipe Vault, hit the invisible yellow platform to reach the upper path.

Hidden Chest 14

Mario in a sewer.

The second is between the first Hidden Chest and the last regular chest.

Hidden Chest 15

Mario on yo'ster island.

At the Save Block on Yo’ster Isle.

Hidden Chest 16

Mario near a cactus.

At the top-left part of the first screen at Booster Pass.

Hidden Chest 17

Mario in the desert.

On the same screen on the top-right section.

Hidden Chest 18

Mario in booster tower.

On the way up Booster Tower.

Hidden Chest 19

Mario in booster tower.

In the room with the Sniffits in Booster Tower.

Hidden Chest 20

Mario in booster tower.

Just before jumping up the yellow blocks from the Save Block in Booster Tower.

Hidden Chest 21

Mario standing on top of a chest.

After going up the blocks in the same room, jump on top of the normal chest to hit the hidden one above it.

Hidden Chest 22

Mario jumping off a cabinet.

In the bedroom on the second floor of the Item Shop in Merrymore.

Hidden Chest 23

Mario standing on a clone's head.

In the path where a mirror Mario appears in the Sunken Ship, jump off the doppelganger’s head next to the J block.

Hidden Chest 24

Mario in a desert.

Turn around after taking the first cannon in Land’s End.

Hidden Chest 25

Mario standing on a floating platform.

While floating above the moving platform, you can reach it from the second cannon in Land’s End.

Hidden Chest 26

Mario standing on a flower.

To the right of the Save Block between flowers in Land’s End.

Hidden Chest 27

Mario in a cave.

In the back-right corner of the cave in Land’s End.

Hidden Chest 28/29

Mario in a temple.

Down the stairs after going through the gate in Belome’s Temple.

Mario standing on a floating chest.

In that same room, use the ledge on the right to jump atop the floating chest to reach the Hidden Chest.

Hidden Chest 30

Mario outside Monstro Town hitting a block.

At the entrance to Monstro Town, jump right beside the flower bush.

Hidden Chest 31

Mario in a red forest.

Take the first pipe on your right in Bean Valley and snag this chest before going through the next one.

Hidden Chest 32

Mario in a green sewer.

Wait for the ShyGuy to water the bottom-right Pirhanna Plant in the circle of five, fight it, and go down the cleared pipe.

Hidden Chest 33

Mario in a green zone.

Repeat the process for the pipe above and slightly to the right of the first.

Hidden Chest 34

Mario in a nimbus shop.

In Nimbus Land, jump on the boxes at the back of the Item Shop.

Hidden Chest 35/36

Mario in the numbus castle.

Inside the Nimbus Land Castle, look for the break in the wall to a secret path just down the staircase.

Mario in the numbus castle.

The second is right by the first in this hallway.

Hidden Chest 37

Mario standing on a floating chest.

In the two-tiered room with the two Nimbus Land citizens, jump on top of the regular chest to hit the secret one above it.

Hidden Chest 38

Mario in the nimbus castle.

Just outside the prior room, jump in the corner near the birdcage.

Hidden Chest 39

Mario in smithy's keep.

The final hidden chest is deep in Weapon World. After navigating the room by jumping on the lugnuts and finding the Save Block, jump in the corner.

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