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Facebook was viewed one trillion times by 870 million people in July

Facebook login screen twitter tabA billion page views isn’t cool, you know what is cool? A trillion page views. The social network Facebook has reached a trillion page views in the month of July. Of course that number is impressive, but when you look a little deeper behind all the numbers it really shows the insane popularity of the website.

The last official number we heard Facebook has 750 million registered users despite reports that it is losing members. Last month the site received 870 million unique visitors, which means even if all of the registered users visited the site in July there are still an extra 120 million visitors. This surplus of visitors is most likely caused by Facebook pages showing up in search results, and non-users exploring the site which is a great reason to double check Facebook’s new privacy settings.

With a trillion page views and 870 million visitors that means that Facebook averaged just under 1,150 clicks per visitor during the month. This figure is a real sign of how much people use the site, and how long people are staying on the site. Users aren’t just scrolling through their news feed; they are interacting, and moving around the site.

The pure number of page views might not tell the whole story. There are a lot of ways for the number of page views to be inflated without actually viewing a new page. For example when scrolling through a photo album each picture you look at counts as a page view.

Just for fun we are going to compare the size of Facebook to some similar sites. Facebook has 750 million registered users, Twitter has around 200 million, and new-comer Google+ has just over 25 million. Twitter had 160 million unique visitors, and nearly 6 billion page views which is less than one percent of Facebook’s page views.

 Image courtesy of Tom K/Shutterstock

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