Imgur releases its own meme generator, and we’re worried the Internet might break

imgur meme makerImgur is Reddit’s beloved repository of viral, funny reaction photos – if you’re on Reddit, your feed is probably populated with Imgur links, and that’s just how you like it. Just imagine the Internet heights this site would achieve traffic-wise if they had a quick and easy function that will allow users to create memes out of available photos. Sound like the best thing ever, or potentially your worst nightmare? Well it doesn’t really matter what you think because it’s happened: Imgur has released its very own meme generator!

If you’re looking at the positive side of things, this is great news since Reddit blacklisted Quickmeme for collecting fake upvotes. The banning of this widely used meme-making tool left Redditors yearning for an adequate replacement, not knowing that Imgur was already developing their own. The tool has been reportedly done for quite some time and was being prepared for full integration into the Imgur site; the team behind the new feature pulled an all-nighter last weekend to get everything ready, alongside the company’s mobile app launch.

imgur example“Our community has been asking for an Imgur meme generator for a long time, so we hope they’re as excited about this new meme generator as we are to deliver it to them,” Imgur Founder and CEO Alan Schaaf said in a statement. “It just makes sense that as more content is hosted and shared on Imgur, we continue to hand over content creation tools to our community. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.”

Now users don’t have to go outside of Imgur to create their memes – they can easily create, save, and share their content within one site. The meme generator page takes the exact same format of Imgur’s photo gallery, with memes arranged by popularity according to day, week, month, year, and all time. You can also select a default meme to start with or upload a completely new background.

We gladly welcome you, Imgur Meme Generator! Just know that should the Internet overload on memes and break, it’s totally your fault.

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