Check out the U.S. Interior Department’s awesome Instagram account

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Purple mountains majesty, y'all.

The U.S. government has made some…pretty massive tech blunders in the past year (the trials and tribulations of the Affordable Care Act website, that whole NSA spying thing) but it’s nice to see Uncle Sam not totally borking up something digital. The U.S. Department of Interior is continuing its triumphant reign as the coolest government entity on Instagram, regularly posting so-beautiful-they-make-Natalie-Portman-look-busted images to its account, which has 189,434 followers and counting. 

The Interior Department’s Director of Digital Strategy, Tim Fullerton, is proud of the Interior’s success sharing images on the social web. Fullerton, who worked on Obama’s media campaign in 2008, shared some stats about the department’s impressive growth on Instagram and Twitter — via Twitter. 

Those are major increases. Fullerton’s social media strategy is relatively simple: regularly post the most beautiful images of the U.S. National Parks and other natural beauty. 

No matter your politics, it’s an easy account to get behind. Here are some of the most recent shared images: 

h/t FedTech Magazine