Obama takes ‘funeral selfie’ and Internet collapses in on itself like a dying star

obama takes funeral selfie internet collapses like dying star collage
Yep, this happened (but it's not actually at a funeral).

Today, President Barack Obama attended the memorial for Nelson Mandela, the former South African president and cherished symbol of perseverance. And he took a selfie. With Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt and U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. First Lady Michelle was not having any of it

Naturally, Twitter had some harsh words for the president, many of them too salty to share here. These are a few of the more measured angry responses.

 Others found the humor in the situation:

Novelty Tumblr account “Selfies At Funerals” used this opportunity to bow out of the Tumblr game, noting, “Obama has taken a funeral selfie, so our work here is done.” 

Of course, many failed to note that this was actually a celebratory memorial service full of dancing, singing, and general joviality, and not Mandela’s actual funeral. So this is less of an issue of the president treating a recently deceased, beloved global leader with disrespect, and more an issue of the media finding a picture that made it look like the president was disrespecting a recently deceased, beloved global leader and running with it. 

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