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Pinterest’s Sections give you new tools for organizing your ideas

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Crave more organization for your Pinterest boards? Pinterest is making it happen by launching the all-time most requested feature: Sections for Pinterest boards. Announced on Thursday, November 9, Pinterest Sections help organize boards into smaller subcategories, making it easier to find that specific pin and giving those home organization ideas an organized home of their own.

With Pinterest Sections, users can create multiple subcategories within a board. For example, that food board can now be divided into ideas for dinners, desserts, breakfasts, drinks or whatever organization scheme follows your cravings. Holiday boards can be divided into decor, food, and gifts while Sections can separate the socks from the hats in fashion boards.

Pinterest launched Sections with a select group of beta users for testing in September. That led the platform to expand the feature. User tests led the company to create a “select all” option for merging boards together and also adding a search to the new tool.

Those tests involved 8,000 active users who saved 3 million pins into almost 100,000 different sections, with the most popular sections used for interests like recipes, fashion and home decor. During testing, users saved an average of 31 pins in each section, with around four sections to each board, Pinterest says.

Pinterest first shared that Sections would be coming to the platform in a blog post after the social media and online mood board reached 200 million users, moving the tool into testing shortly after that announcement.

Pinterest boards are limited but with a 500-board cap, most Pinterest users have plenty of space for saving those ideas. While Sections could help that Pinterest user with 499 boards, for the less active users, Sections create a hierarchal structure for making it easier to find a specific Pin. The idea of simplifying the process of finding a  previously saved Pin has been a focus for the past several Pinterest updates, including faster access to the search tool. The platform also added another frequently requested feature over the summer with the ability to zoom inside Pins.

Users will start seeing the option as early as Thursday, November 9, though the global rollout will take a few days. Users can find the feature once updating to version 6.38 on iOS or 6.43 on Android platforms.

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