Rich kids flaunt wealth on Instagram and Snapchat, will make your blood boil

Rich Kids of Instagram
Rich Kids of Instagram
In this day and age when anyone and everyone can show off their lifestyles on social media, it comes as no surprise that the rich are rubbing in everyone’s faces how much better their lives are than yours. What may come as a surprise is that rich people’s kids are flaunting their lifestyles in such a flashy and shameless way. This begs the question: Where are their parents?

This rich-kid mania can be traced back to last year when some television shows and various news sites featured the “Rich Kids of Instagram” stream. The stream is a veritable orgy of materialistic indulgence and living it up, featuring images of teen girls in bikinis swimming in their parents’ fancy pools to rich kids partying and drinking. This ode to the high life has garnered quite the following on Instagram, amassing more than 160,000 fans.

With such a proven model on one of the biggest social media sites in the world, it’s no surprise that the “Rich Kids of Instagram” stream has influenced the “Rich Kids of Snapchat.”

Snapchat’s rich kids are having a harder time documenting their activity — presumably because snaps disappear after just a few seconds. However, that hasn’t stopped them from setting up accounts on different social media sites to promote their Snapchat flaunting of their very privileged lives. Rich Kids of Snapchat’s Instagram stream has amassed about 15,000 followers, yet it doesn’t feature nearly as many images as the original Rich Kids of Instagram stream. To make up for that, Snapchat’s rich kids are also active on Facebook, where their account has more than 225,000 likes.

Comments beside each extravagant picture are mixed: Some social media users are quite impressed with the aggressive display of wealth while others are more critical, with some hurling insults at the kids and others questioning if they’re even all that wealthy in the first place.

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