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Marc Schenker

Marc Schenker


Marc Schenker is a copywriter who's an expert in business and marketing topics like e-commerce, B2Bs, digital marketing and design. To find out what really makes him tick, head on over to, or connect with him via Facebook and Twitter.

social media blunders that prove celebrities and 2 wannabes are not infallible disaster

The worst social media celeb screw-ups ever

Some celebrities should never use social media. Here are some of the most disastrous fails they have ever been involved in.

Snapchat slashes its ad prices by a whopping amount

Snapchat has cut its price for ad placement significantly in a bid to lure in more advertisers who want their ads put in front of younger consumers.
most instagrammed halloween costumes screenshot of instagram

These are the most Instagrammed Halloween costumes

A new infographic has broken down the most-liked costumes on Instagram by state, by collecting costume information from the #Halloween tag.
instagram analytics business profiles yashilg pixabay

Survey shows many European Facebook and Instagram users embellish their posts

A new study conducted by HTC in Europe suggests that Facebook and Instagram's users routinely embellish their social media posts.
pinterest check tips

To grow e-commerce further, Pinterest makes ‘buyable’ pins available to bigger retailers

Pinterest will start allowing bigger retailers to use its new buyable pin to push for more e-commerce on its site.
teens prefer instagram twitter and snapchat in that order says new survey like instgram over facebook

Teens prefer Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat (in that order), says new survey

linkedin changes groups sales navigator q1 2014

LinkedIn retools Groups and debuts new sales metric

LinkedIn is changing up its Groups feature and debuting a new metric in Sales Navigator that should interest sales professionals active in social selling.
will facebook succeed in luring journalists away from twitter

Will Facebook succeed in luring journalists away from Twitter?

find your dream candidate with a tinder like app called voter featured

Too many presidential candidates to consider? This app narrows the field

Voter is the a app that makes it easy for you to find the candidate who's best aligned with your own political views.
portlands hipster barbie is just too cool socalitybarbie

What we can learn from hipster Barbie (hint: you’re not cool enough)

john cena attitude adjustment jon stewart raw wwe

ICYMI: Watch John Stewart get body slammed by John Cena

game of thrones star men objectified women margaery natalie dormer

Game of Thrones star says objectification in TV and film isn’t just for women

In a recent interview, Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer said, in her experience, the men in showbiz are just as objectified as women.
Tyrion Lannister needs a drink

Lawyer demands Game of Thrones-style trial by combat

A Staten Island lawyer by the name of Richard A. Luthmann has asked for a trial by combat ala Game of Thrones in a civil trial.
miley cyrus attacks taylor swift violence bad blood video singing

Miley Cyrus dogs Taylor Swift’s new ‘violence revenge’ video Bad Blood

Miley Cyrus criticizes fellow pop starlet Taylor Swift in the upcoming issue of Marie Claire magazine for "violence" in her new Bad Blood video.
smart home tech failures social media fail

These corporate social media fails are so bad, they’ve had to issue mea culpas

Think big companies are professional when it comes to their social media activities? Think again! Here are seven embarrassing social media slip-ups.
Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich kids flaunt wealth on Instagram and Snapchat, will make your blood boil

The Rich Kids of Instagram and Rich Kids of Snapchat Instagram accounts display in-your-face wealth.
rapper 50 cents conan comments cent bankruptcy

Rapper 50 Cent’s comments on Conan O’Brien’s show cost him $2 million in lawsuit

Rapper 50 Cent's recent appearance on Conan O'brien may have cost him $2 million for implying he filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying damages in court.
iheartradio universal vr music experiences kanye west pan am games

Kanye West throws his mic, storms off stage at Pan Am Games performance

gawker sale ziff davis hulk hogan jean jacket

Hulk Hogan stokes the flames, equates his use of the N-word to Obama’s

Hulk Hogan retweeted a comment that implies his recent firing for using the N-word is similar to Obama's use of the word in a frank discussion about race.
planet earth snapchat snapchatdiscover

Snapchat to let more publishers use its Discover feature, report says

donald trumps make america great again ball cap twitter trump hat

Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball hat lights up Twitter

adobe creative cloud 2015s big update brings new tools stock photo service android apps cc 2015 featured

Adobe hires former Shutterstock VP to run its new stock photo service

social media tool twitte branded video content glif

Glif is the social media tool that lets you tell branded-content stories

twitter invests 10 million mit social media research lab home page mem 3

Unhappy users want to know why Twitter just killed background images

Twitter has taken away users' background images on their profiles, notifications pages, and timelines, the company confirmed. Users are not happy.

Tumblr now lets brands identify their logos in blogs

facebook in store purchases messenger app beats

Messenger app giving Facebook’s own main app a run for its money

twitter now lets you block trolls

Twitter, Facebook becoming dominant news sources for more American adults

A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that an increasing number of adult Americans get their news from Twitter and Facebook.
twitter suspends parody accounts that mocked putin and russian officials vladimir

Department of irony? Facebook limits free speech in Russia, says Putin aide

Facebook is being accused of censorship in Russia after the company deleted a purportedly offensive slang term posted by a government official.
instagram hack old icon food headgear

That spike in Instagram followers you had is due to a bug, not newfound popularity

Recently, a bug on Instagram caused some users' accounts to see a marked increase in their follower counts. Instagram is fixing the issue.
Who Deleted Me

Now you’ll never know when your ex-friend deleted you: Facebook shut the app down

Facebook doesn’t notify its users every time they are removed from someone’s friend’s list, but there’s a new app called Who Deleted Me that does just that.
justin bieber naked butt shot instagram not a policy violation nude

Justin Bieber’s gratuitous photo shows Instagram’s ‘no nudity’ policy is broken

How much bare skin can one show before it violates Instagram's strict "no nudity" policy? Despite strict policy, many nudes still get posted.
twitter users birthdays eagles birthday

Twitter will celebrate your birthday with balloons and possibly targeted ads

awesome tech you cant buy yet 4k camera balls and 5 axis cnc mills 070515 mem3

Kickstarter pulls IndieVice accessory due to intellectual property dispute

The IndieVice is an accessory that transforms a standard smartphone into a pro-like camera for filmmaking.
twitter hacker dccc suspended

Twitter debuts new button in mobile apps for managing ad campaigns

Twitter has a new ad button on its mobile apps that allows users to manage their ad campaigns right from their phones.