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Snapchat's camera glasses are available outside the U.S. with Europe's Snapbots

snapchat spectacles slump
Snap’s camera glasses are now available outside the U.S. for the first time since the Spectacles launched. The company behind Snapchat announced the overseas availability of Spectacles via a tweet on Thursday.

The camera-clad glasses are available from the same happy yellow vending machines that first sold the glasses in the U.S., with the Snapbot map putting the vending machines in London as well as in Barcelona, Spain. The Snapbots move around, however, typically only staying in one spot for a day, with an online map sharing the latest location. Snap Inc. expects to launch more of the vending machines this summer.

The camera glasses are now also available for order online outside the U.S. as well. While the vending machine allows potential users to try the glasses on virtually, users can also use Snapchat to try on the glasses and pick their color.

The camera glasses were first sold exclusively through the moving vending machines in the U.S. after the September launch, before also shipping online. The company’s latest earnings statement suggests that the company sold about 90,000 pairs since, according to Wired estimates.

The $129 glasses shoot 10-second videos at the press of a button using the 115-degree wide-angle lens built into the front of the frame. The videos are then synced to the user’s Snapchat account. The classes charge inside their own carrying case.

The camera glasses came at the same time Snapchat turned from a social media company into a camera brand, re-naming themselves Snap Inc. to move beyond its popular social media app. Earlier this year, Snap Inc. went public, boasting an active daily user count of 158 million at the time. Rumors suggest Snap Inc. is also looking into developing a 360-degree camera and, potentially, a drone.

After North America, Europe is the second most popular region for Snapchat users.

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