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Snapchat gives baseball fans an inside look at the dugout and bullpens

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Fans of Major League Baseball will soon be one step closer to the dugout, thanks to the expansion of the MLB’s deal with Snapchat.

The new campaign will begin on March 11 with a special Spring training day, which will be held around the nation. This year, Snapchat will offer “unprecedented access” to baseball players, who will contribute to an MLB Snapchat Live Story throughout the day. The Live Story will offer unique camera angles and views, according to MLB.

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For the first time, players in the MLB can use their smartphones in dugouts and bullpens to show fans of the game what it’s like to be in the big leagues. The MLB and Snapchat are also handing out the “SnapBat,” the bat-shaped oversized selfie stick, which was first introduced during the 2015 Home Run Derby. Unfortunately, it seems as though the SnapBat will not be used by players at the home plate.


Under the new deal, Snapchat will continue to offer opening day coverage, as well as coverage of the all star game and the World Series. Regular season games will also be on Snapchat, and the company will have access to MLB logos and other content for use within its app.

Here are all 30 @MLB clubs on @Snapchat so you’re prepared for 3.11.16.

— MLB (@MLB) March 4, 2016

Snapchat first partnered with MLB last year to bring fans closer to the game by making it a much more personal experience. MLB has been quick to embrace new technologies and tech trends, and has also expanded its own streaming service in the past few years.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the deal enhances coverage of games and if it personalizes the experience for fans. We’re curious to see how many players actually embrace Snapchat during training sessions and other scenarios, especially considering the fact that terms of the new deal between Snapchat and MLB have not been released.

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