Textastrophe can turn any Craigslist ad into a hilarious text message repartee

textastrophe logoDo you have a particular skill set you would like to offer on a freelance basis? Do you have a truck or a chainsaw or a home improvement tool you’re willing to loan out for extra cash? Are you looking for a costume for your Halloween party? Despite Craigslist’s drama queen status in apartment hunting land, it’s still your best bet when it comes to last-minute service and product needs. Just make sure you don’t post your cell phone number because, well, you could be an unwitting victim of Textastrophe.

Whoever is behind this uber-funny blog has a lot of time to spare, and for those of us who appreciate a good cyber prank, it’s time certainly well spent. Just take a look at a few samples of the text conversations he’s had with ad posters (they’re 100 percent real, and that’s the story we’re sticking with). This one guy was a good sport about it:

Original Ad
The conversation
The conversation

This guy seemed like he was playing along, but failed to stick with it in the end:


For the next one, here’s a tip for those who post their services on Craigslist: Be as specific as you can.

mover1 mover2

This one I found particularly funny because he followed through with the prank 2 days later:


Here’s another one who knows how to take a joke. More people should be like this:

taxidermy1 taxidermy2

This Internet troll of sorts is reminiscent of Bloodninja, who was (still is) notorious for preying on folks seeking out cybersex and making them sorry they ever chatted with him (just Google Bloodninja and read his chat transcripts, they’re hilarious). Textastrophe teaches something of a tamer lesson, though still an important one: Posting your phone number online is a no no.

If you ever find an ad that warrants a prank text message, send it to textastrophe@gmail.com. 

All images came from Textastrophe

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