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Rule #79 for teenagers: Don’t Vine your breakup

this vine is everything thats wrong with modern relationships khoaliti
How much has social media ruined dating? Aw, let us count the ways. For every good thing the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr have done for our love lives, there are various methods in which they’ve destroyed them. If you’ve ever had to suffer through a conversation about why you keep tweeting at your ex or who that rando “liking” all of your significant others’ updates is, then you know what I’m talking about here.

We’ve become trained to monitor and scrutinize, and every thumbs up, “like,” and emoticon means something. Young love already had parents, personal insecurities, detention, prom, and lack of alcohol dooming it – and now, witness, that adolescent dating is taking yet another hard hit at the hands of social media.

Meet Khoaliti (at least, that’s his Instagram handle).

#tbt back when I just got braces which is this morning. #FUUUHHHHKK

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He’s 19 and he lives in California – and until very recently, he had a girlfriend. However everything came crashing down when he starting “liking” some other girl’s photos on Instagram. Seems a little harsh, right? Well he did post this suggestive Instagram intimating “likes” with flirting.

So wassup!?

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But that’s neither here nor there. The real point is that young Khoaliti documented his breakup via Vine. You’re going to want the sound on for this.

And who was the young lady that stole Khoaliti’s attention and ruined his relationship? According to a Reddit thread: “One of my best/oldest friends who just created an Instagram… Apparently guys can’t have chick friends. Literally every girl I talked too she assumed the worst.”

So what’s most upsetting about this: That “liking” another person’s photos on Instagram is grounds for breaking up, or the documenting of said breakup via Vine, and then publicizing it on Reddit? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I am thankful everyday that I didn’t have to be a teenager in 2013.

There is some contention on Reddit that this is all faked in Khoaliti’s quest for Vine comedic fame, but I’m uncertain whether that makes this all less or more horrible.

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