Uber and Cheezburger are partnering to fill your office with kittens … yes, really [UPDATE] Uber experiencing kitten shortage

uber cheezburger partnering fill office kittens yes really

Because these are the times we live in, Uber is running a campaign where for $20, some kitten playtime can be yours. In honor of National Cat Day, the car service will bring the baby felines to you for 15 minutes of sweet, sweet relief from the hellish nightmare that is a work day without cats.

Uber is, naturally, partnering with Cheezburger and calling the program “I Can Has Uber Kittens” (obviously this is what it had to be named). Participants have to live in New York, San Francisco, or Seattle in order to partake. Icing on the cat cake? You can also enjoy some designer cupcakes from Ace of Cakes.

Be forewarned, though: Demand is high and “access to on-demand kittens will be limited.” Wasn’t On-Demand Kitten your nickname in college? Just kidding. But seriously, hours of operation today are between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. All you have to do is download or open up the Uber app, and it will have a “KITTENS!” option for you to select. And then all this … 

… can be yours.

It’s a pretty manipulative PR stunt that tugs at our heartstrings (and yarn strings! Not sorry), but it’s one with a good cause at its core: All proceeds from I Can Has Uber Kittens go to local animal shelters, and all of the kittens are adoptable as well. So if you get the urge to take home something cute and fuzzy and are prepared for a fun fight with your significant other and/or roommate, that little ball of fur can become yours on the spot. I’m going to name mine Señor Waffles.


Turns out we all can’t has kittens. According to Twitter, a great many of you are trying in vain to snag the Uber cats without success.

If you’re hell bent on getting your kitty, be patient. Or just go volunteer at a shelter, which also beats Uber’s $20 price because it’s free. 

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