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This ice cream shop knows what Facebook tastes like – no, it’s not tears and vodka

would you try facebook flavored ice cream

Facebook ice cream. It makes absolutely no sense, but it’s helping a Croatian ice cream shop do brisk business this summer. 

It’s hard to have an edge as an ice cream shop (or, so I imagine, I have never run an ice cream shop.) Unless you’re going to get funky with your flavors and start infusing your vanilla with ayahuasca and appealing to a niche of psychedelic summer treat enthusiasts or something, ice cream is just ice cream. 

But Admir and Ibi Adili, brothers who run Valentino ice cream shop on Murter Island in the Adriatic Sea, found a unique way to attract social media lovers in the area: They created a blue-and-white ice cream and named it “Facebook” complete with a logo that will look familiar to anyone who spends too much time creeping on acquaintances via the world’s most scary-popular social network. 

The Facebook ice cream does not taste like Facebook because Facebook is a website and you cannot taste it (though I imagine it would taste like a combination of narcissism, short-term social fulfillment, and regret). The Facebook ice cream tastes like gum and candy, thanks to the flavored blue syrup. There’s probably some metaphor in here about something being sugary, addictive, and only good in moderation, but I’m too lazy to nail it down. 

This isn’t the first time someone’s made some quick money off of goods with a social-media theme (you can buy Twitter shoes if that’s what you want to do with your money), but it might be the first time someone has made a type of food that supposedly captures the essence of a website. 

You can still get the colorful treat if you find yourself on Murker Island, although that might change if Zuckerberg and company catch wind of the confection, since the Adilis are using the Facebook name without permission. 

Valentino also appears to have Red Bull flavored ice cream, which, ew. 

[Photo credit: Croatia Week] 

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