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Check out these amazing views of Earth shot from the space station

Soichi Noguchi has emerged as the resident photographer of the International Space Station’s current Expedition 64 crew.

The 55-year-old Japanese astronaut reached the orbiting outpost last month, together with three American astronauts, aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule on its first operational flight.

Since arriving, Noguchi has been tweeting some amazing photos as the ISS orbits the planet every 90 minutes or so, from around 250 miles up. The images were likely taken from the space station’s seven-window Cupola observatory, which offers incredible views of Earth, the moon, and beyond.

So let’s take a look at some of the best ones to date …

This remarkable image shows Houston, Texas, as well as Trinity Bay and Galveston Bay, and Beaumont off to the east.

Howdy, #Houstonian! #houstontx
宇宙飛行士のホームタウン、#ヒューストン です。意外に緑が多い?

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 10, 2020

An enviable view of Spain’s Balearic Islands …

#Ibiza #Spain's Balearic Islands in the #Mediterranean Sea.

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 14, 2020

Noguchi describes this eye-catching image of Mauritania in Africa as “almost like an oil painting.”

Almost like an oil painting… #Africa is beautiful. #Mauritania and #WesternSahara

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 13, 2020

A striking photo of Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri (not Illinois, Soichi!) …

I found #Dragon! Lake Ozarks in #Illinois , near hometown of @Astro_illini

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 5, 2020

With its quirky man-made islands in the Persian Gulf, here’s no mistaking Dubai from 250 miles up …

Palms, and the World. #Dubai
Happy belated anniversary #UAENationalDay

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 8, 2020

If you follow an imaginary diagonal line from the top right corner of this photo, you’ll see a bright white dot about a quarter of the way down. It’s the Sydney Opera House …

Sydney, #Australia. Yes, I can see the famous opera

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 9, 2020

Noguchi’s fabulous night shot of his home country’s capital city …

Good night, #TOKYO!

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 6, 2020

Here we see the Texas location of SpaceX’s recent test flight of its prototype Starship rocket, which ended in a spectacular fireball.

Boca Chica, #TX. Probably the closest place to #moon and beyond. Go, #SpaceX !!!

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 10, 2020

An awesome view of Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia …

#Riyadh, #SaudiArabia magical city in the middle of beautiful desert.

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 6, 2020

“Beautiful Hawaii islands,” tweets Noguchi.

Beautiful #Hawaii islands. #ハワイ

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 5, 2020

The Japanese astronaut points out the place where the Crew Dragon, which transported him and his fellow crew members to the ISS last month, was built.

#LosAngeles – our #resilience spacecraft was built here.

— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) December 5, 2020

Turning his gaze away from Earth for a moment, Noguchi captured this beautiful image of the moon, a place set to welcome the first woman and next man before the end of this decade.


— NOGUCHI, Soichi 野口 聡-(のぐち そういち) (@Astro_Soichi) November 30, 2020

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