Microsoft’s new bot can draw a photo-realistic bird based on text descriptions

Microsoft created a new intelligent bot that can draw photo-realistic images from text-based descriptions. Microsoft says the bot could eventually generate computer-animated films based on a screenplay.

Facebook's CherryPi suffered defeat in 'StarCraft,' but a win for its AI team

Facebook competed with independent developers, institutions, and companies in StarCraft: Brood War using its CherryPi artificial intelligence. The company lost, but didn't face utter defeat, ranking sixth out of 28 opponents.

Telegram lets you make and accept payments without ever leaving the app

There seems to be an increasing number of platforms that will allow you to spend your hard-earned cash. The latest to join the fray is messaging app Telegram, whose new update allows users to make and accept payments via Telegram…
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Instagram shuts down Instagress bot that auto likes and comments

Instagrammers may be seeing fewer fake comments after bot Instagress has closed its doors, at the request of the social media platform. The platform offered automated Instagram engagement for a subscription price.

Here are the best Messenger-compatible bots rolled out at Facebook's F8 2017

Facebook spent time chatting about Messenger bots at its F8 2017 developer conference. New bots from Spotify, Western Union, Mastercard, and Rue21 had some of the coolest features features we saw.

Send money without ever leaving your chat with PayPal’s new Slack bot

We don't want to leave our couch to order pizza, or ditch our messaging platforms to pay for things either. PayPal understands, and has made it possible for users to send money between accounts via team messaging app Slack.

The Blitz bot from Yahoo will help you tackle your fantasy football rivals

Now that football season is well underway, so too is fantasy football season, and Yahoo has introduced a new bot to give you that boost you may need. Meet Blitz, the newest bot from Yahoo.
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Keep track of all the NFL action this Sunday with the new Sports Illustrated NFL Bot

Football season is now in full swing, and just in the nick of time, Sports Illustrated has launched four new bots to keep you posted on all that Sunday action. Meet the new Sports Illustrated NFL bot by GameOn
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You can now chat with the AmEx bot in Facebook Messenger

The latest innovation to come out of the Cannes-Lions Innovation festival in France is a new Amex bot for Facebook Messenger that lets consumers see real-time purchase alerts and key information about American Express benefits.
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Chatting with President Obama is now as easy as using Facebook Messenger

On Wednesday, the White House announced a brand-new way to get in touch with the President of the United States. It's no surprise that this latest method is none other than a Facebook Messenger bot.
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Reading coverage on the RNC? It might be coming from bots

It's only Day 2, but the Republican National Convention already seems to have solidified its position as the most dramatic political event in recent memory. And at both the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, coverage is coming from robots.

Foursquare’s Marsbot knows where you want to eat before even you do

Foursquare has made its entrance into the bot game, launching a stand-alone chatbot called Marsbot. Marsbot is aimed at being able to tell where you'll want to eat or drink before even you know.