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alienwares steam machines arent upgradeable alienware machine featured image

Valve’s third-party Steam Machines lineup, in pictures

Steam Controller

Take a peek at the Steam Machines specs

We tell you everything known about the Steam Machines revealed at CES 2014 so you can decide which is right for you.

Gabe Newell outlines the future of the Steam Machines

two steam machines

CyberPowerPC reveals two Steam Machines for the latter half of 2014

Digital Storm

Digital Storm targets high-end gamers with its first Steam Machine

2014 good gaming Valve Steam Machine console

Alienware, Origin among more than a dozen third-party Steam Machines vendors

CES 2014: Alienware and Origin are among a dozen third-party manufactures partnered to create Valve's Steam Machine gaming PCs in 2014.

iBuyPower Steam Machines revive Gordon Freeman, sans ‘Half-Life 3’

The first third-party Steam Machine is revealed, one of two models that iBuyPower is developing for a 2014 release.