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The Microsoft Windows logo surrounded by colors of red, green, yellow and blue.

Microsoft’s Copilot AI will have an ‘energy,’ apparently

Windows 11received a sizeable upgrade at Microsoft’s September event, with a focus on artificial intelligence alongside new features due to launch soon.
A person's hand holding a smartphone. The smartphone is showing the website for the ChatGPT generative AI.

Most people distrust AI and want regulation, says new survey

The constant scandals surrounding artificial intelligence are taking a toll, with a majority of U.S. adults worrying about the potential impact of the new tech.
A large monitor displaying a security hacking breach warning.

Microsoft accidentally released 38TB of private data in a major leak

Microsoft’s own AI researchers accidentally leaked 38TB of highly sensitive data on their own GitHub page, potentially creating a field day for hackers.
Coca-Cola's Y3000 drink.

Coca-Cola apparently used AI to create a soda ‘from the future’

Drinks giant Coca-Cola has jumped on the AI bandwagon with the launch of a beverage apparently created with the help of the in-vogue technology.
Microsoft's AI Copilot being used in various Microsoft Office apps.

Microsoft Copilot vs. Google Duet: battle of the next-gen AI smart assistants

Microsoft Copilot and Google Duet are the two bleeding-edge smart AI assistants for their respective services. But which is better? Let's find out.
The Facebook app icon on an iPhone home screen, with other app icons surrounding it.

Meta is reportedly working on a GPT-4 rival, and it could have dire consequences

AI and Facebook are two of today’s most scandal-prone topics, but they’re reportedly combining to make what could be the most powerful AI in the world.
Infinix Zero 30 5G Android phone in gold color with ChatGPT virtual assistant.

I used an Android phone with ChatGPT built-in — and I loved it

ChatGPT is everywhere these days, but what happens when you add it to an Android phone as a virtual assistant? As it turns out, it's pretty amazing.
A laptop opened to the ChatGPT website.

GPT-4: how to use the AI chatbot that puts ChatGPT to shame

ChatGPT-4 has officially arrived and now includes the ability to interact with images and longer text.
A person conducting a Zoom call on a laptop while sat at a desk.

Zoom adds ChatGPT to help you catch up on missed calls

Video-calling app Zoom has added a new AI tool based on ChatGPT that could make virtual meetings much easier to manage. But does it respect your privacy?
Using Windows 11 copilot to summarize a document.

How to use Microsoft Copilot in Teams, Powerpoint, Excel, and more

Microsoft Copilot is available through Microsoft 365 and Windows 11 now. Here's how to use it, and what you can do with the feature.
Light trails from racing drones.

AI drone beats pro drone racers at their own game

An AI drone has beaten pro drone racers at their own game in a world's first that could have implications for other drone-related tasks.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

ChatGPT is violating your privacy, says major GDPR complaint

ChatGPT is breaching a host of privacy rules, says a new complaint. If it’s upheld, it could lead to huge fines for OpenAI -- and changes to how ChatGPT works.
Galaxy Store listing of Galaxy Enhance-X app.

I found a secret AI photo-editing app for Samsung phones

There's a secret AI photo-editing app for Samsung phones called Galaxy Enhance-X. I tried it, and you absolutely should too.
A screenshot of Snapchat's new AI-powered Dreams feature.

Snapchat hopes its new AI selfie feature will be a moneymaker

After jumping on the generative-AI bandwagon earlier with year with its My AI chatbot, Snapchat has now launched an AI selfie feature called Dreams.
Generative AI in Google Search.

Google’s answer to Microsoft Copilot is finally here

The AI assistant Google Duet is now available for corporate Workspace teams, pitting Bard against ChatGPT once again.
A silhouetted person holds a smartphone displaying the Facebook logo. They are standing in front of a sign showing the Meta logo.

Meta is building a space-age ‘universal language translator’

Meta has just announced it is building an AI translation tool that can convert over 100 languages in a variety of different ways. Will it beat the competition?
A person holds a phone with the Google logo and word 'Bard' on the screen. In the background is a Google Bard logo.

Malware is spreading through Google Bard ads — here’s how to avoid them

Google Bard is the latest victim of malware hackers using the AI tool as the face of cyberattacks.
Microsoft logo

Microsoft says bizarre travel article was not created by ‘unsupervised AI’

Microsoft has claimed that an article on its travel pages citing a food bank as a must-see tourist attraction was not created by unsupervised AI.

Microsoft ‘special event’ set for September – Surfaces and AI announcements likely

Microsoft will hold a special event in New York City on Thursday, September 21, though it's currently giving little away about what to expect.
Google Bard on a green and black background.

Google Bard could soon become your new AI life coach

A new report claims Google is building an AI life coach to help people with their problems. But it flies in the face of warnings from Google’s own AI experts.
A laptop screen shows the home page for ChatGPT, OpenAI's artificial intelligence chatbot.

ChatGPT may soon moderate illegal content on sites like Facebook

OpenAI says GPT-4 -- the AI behind ChatGPT Plus -- could soon moderate content online. That may end the stress for human moderators at Facebook and elsewhere.
An AI-generated review highlight on Amazon's website.

Amazon expands use of generative AI to summarize product reviews

Amazon is rolling out the use of generative-AI technology to summarize customers’ product reviews on its shopping site.
Composite image of generative fill and background in photoshop.

PhotoShop Generative Fill is making me good at PhotoShop again

The generative fill feature in Adobe Photoshop is a game changer for Photoshop users looking to save time. It's really impressive. Here's how to use it.
A woman on a Zoom call.

Zoom backpedals, says it will no longer use user content to train AI

Zoom's AI features were trained on user content, but the company has backpedaled following user backlash.
ChatGPT app running on an iPhone.

GPT-4.5 news: Everything we know so far about the next-generation language model

ChatGPT's GPT-4 language model is the most advanced one available today, used by all kinds of AI chatbots. But GPT-4.5 is in the works. Here's what we know.
AI-generated review on Newegg's website.

Newegg wants you to trust ChatGPT for product reviews

Newegg announced it's rolling out a new feature across its service that will generate a product review summary using ChatGPT.
A digital depiction of a laptop being hacked by a hacker.

AI can now steal your passwords with almost 100% accuracy — here’s how

Researchers have discovered a devious new way for AI to steal your passwords, and it's almost 100% accurate.
A person using a laptop with a set of code seen on the display.

In the age of ChatGPT, Macs are under malware assault

ChatGPT is changing the world, but is it giving hackers new tools to make malicious Mac malware? We interviewed a new Mac security outfit to find out.
An iPhone on a table with the Siri activation animation playing on the screen.

Apple has been secretly working on a ChatGPT rival for years

Apple has been developing a ChatGPT rival for years, Tim Cook says. The admission hints that the company could launch its own chatbot sooner rather than later.
The Siri activation animation on an iPhone running iOS 14.

Apple’s ChatGPT rival is reportedly ‘significantly behind competitors’

Apple is working on a ChatGPT rival but it’s many years away from release. That’s according to a new report, which suggests Apple has a long way to catch up.
The Facebook app icon on an iPhone home screen, with other app icons surrounding it.

Facebook might get chatbots — and that could be a problem

A new report claims Facebook will soon get chatbots with personalities, but concerns have been raised over the implications for privacy and misinformation.
DALL-E 2DALL-E 2 Image on OpenAI.

DALL-E 3 could take AI image generation to the next level

An anonymous leaker who claims to have been a part of an alpha test of Dall-E 3 for several months details features of the new version of the AI image generator.
A hacker typing on an Apple MacBook laptop while holding a phone. Both devices show code on their screens.

Hackers are using AI to create vicious malware, says FBI

AI tools like ChatGPT are being used to create malware and fuel terrorist activity, says the FBI, in a potentially worrying sign for future cybersecurity.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT app arrives for Android, but there’s a catch

Two months after launching for the iPhone, the ChatGPT app has just arrived for Android so now you can take the popular chatbot with you everywhere you go.