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Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Matt Sorum

Guns N’ Roses alum Matt Sorum rocks beyond blockchain to fight labels, YouTube

Former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorum spoke with Digital Trends about his upcoming, salacious autobiography, as well as Artbit, the crypto platform he's behind.
tech predictions for 2016 the blockchain

Bitcoin’s blockchain contains links to child pornography, possible illegal image

Researchers recently downloaded the Bitcoin blockchain to analyze its non-financial data and uncovered links to child pornography and an image.
A render of virtual currency.

Cryptocurrency not an ideal long-term investment, warns Ethereum co-founder

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says that you can invest in digital currency, but only with money you can afford to lose.
artificial intelligence taryn southern album interview amper  2

Taryn Southern’s new album is produced entirely by AI

Popular YouTube creator, singer Taryn Southern used AI programs from Google, IBM, Amper, and AIVA to produce the music for her new album.
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

Microsoft will use a blockchain to decentralize data for better control

Microsoft said that it plans to create a platform based on blockchain technology to decentralize your personal data. That means your info won't be stored on servers, but instead reside in a secure chain-like network spanning innumerable PCs scattered across the globe.
weirdest cryptocurrencies aaron s 499  practice

Insane in the blockchain: 15 ridiculous cryptocurrencies you’ve never heard of

Bitcoin and Ethereum are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cryptocurrencies. You wouldn't believe how many ridiculous, silly, and downright stupid digital tokens are on the market these days. Here's a quick tour of the most outrageous ones.
truepic blochain image verification app lifestyle 2

How a blockchain-based digital photo notary is fighting fraud and fake news

Truepic is an image authentication company that’s taking a high-tech approach to fighting fraud and fake news, verifying images at the point of capture and securely encoding them in the blockchain.

CryptoKitties lets you buy, sell, breed virtual cats using real digital currency

What would happen if you crossed Pokémon with Bitcoin? You’d probably end up with something like CryptoKitties on the Ethereum blockchain.
bitcoin stock

Bitcoin’s latest boom sends it scorching past $9,000

Bitcoin has once again eclipsed all of its previous value records, tearing past $9,000 to gain a total market value of more than $152 billion
Sirin Labs Finney

Forget Apple Pay — Sirin Labs’ Finney phone helps you pay with cryptocurrency

Finney is the name given to Sirin Labs new smartphone and PC devices made for blockchain and cryptocurrency use.
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

Microsoft and Intel unite to bring blockchain to businesses

Intel and Microsoft are working together to bring blockchain into the workplace, and it's contingent on Coco Framework.
electronic health records blockchain 68777724  block chain network and programming concept on technology background

Blockchain, of bitcoin fame, may be solution for safe electronic health records

Blockchain, the bitcoin exchange technology, is the most promising solution for secure and efficient electronic health records.
darpa officially christens the actuv in portland boat logos

Blockchain technology may help secure the nuclear weapons of the future

The future of the world could one day rest on the shoulders of Blockchain technology, if DARPA research shows it as effective as a protective measure.
Canon EOS 80D

Free service protects your images through the use of blockchain technology

Blockai is a new, free online service that uses Bitcoin-inspired technology to keep tabs on when and where your photographs are being used online.
microsoft intel coco framework the blockchain

Here are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016, according to the WEF

What will be this year’s biggest technological breakthrough? The WEF recently tackled that question with a list of the top ten emerging technologies.