Here are the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016, according to the WEF

What will be this year’s biggest technological breakthrough? The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Scientific American recently tackled that question, releasing a list of the top ten emerging technologies of 2016.

To compile the list, the Forum’s Meta-Council on Emerging Technologies considered criteria that examined the technologies’ potential to improve lives, revolutionize industries, and protect the planet, while recognizing the likelihood that 2016 is a turning point in the development of these technologies. Below are the WEF’s top ten, from first to last.

Nanosensors and the Internet of Nanothings

From the human body to machines, nanosensors allow us to monitor, measure, and quantify how a system functions, according to WEF. The Internet of Nanothings takes that one step further by networking these sensors to provide a comprehensive and interconnected overview of the system.

Next-Generation Batteries

Renewable energy is stuck in a struggle between supply and demand, writes the WEF. Luckily, progress in energy storage in batteries packed with compounds like sodium, aluminum, and zinc has the potential to support mini-grids that can energize villages.

The Blockchain

Bitcoin isn’t necessarily new, but the blockchain technology that support it is big news in 2016. Last year, venture investment in Bitcoin exceeded $1 billion, according to the WEF. Global markets will soon feel the effects of decentralized cryptocurrencies.

2D Materials

Although graphene is the star when it comes to single-atom-layer materials, the WEF says decreased production cost have made a number of other 2D materials emerge, which may find application from wearables to water filters.

Autonomous Vehicles

Fully autonomous cars are still some years away but the WEF notes that self-driving cars have the potential to save lives, curb emissions, and improve economies and society as a whole.


By making miniature artificial organs, researchers can observe their mechanisms and behaviors in the laboratory without having to maintain the precious real things. Though the technology is still in its infancy, the Forum’s Council is enthusiastic about its potential to revolutionize biomedical research.

Perovskite Solar Cells

These new solar cells have three advantages compared to traditional photovoltaic material, according to the WEF. They’re easier to make, they can be used practically anywhere, and they generate power more efficiently.

Open AI Ecosystem

It won’t be long before smart digital assistants like Siri and Cortana become more prevalent in our lives, says the WEF. Thanks to natural language processing, social awareness algorithms, and increased data stores, these smart bots are getting even smarter.


Recent advances in optogenetics — the use of light to control neurons in living tissue — enable researchers to reach deeper into the brain, with the potential to improve treatment of brain disorders, according to the WEF.

Systems Metabolic Engineering

Scientists are beginning to unlock the building blocks of biology in ways that enable them to recreate nature and replace fossil fuels with renewable chemicals derived from plants, says the WEF.

Smart Home

Classier than a bag and better than a bottle, Kuvée wants to solve your wine woes

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Emerging Tech

To reduce plastic waste, this Indian startup thinks we should start using edible spoons

Edible Cutlery is a completely biodegradable product so that if you eat the spoon or toss it outside, there are no plastics contaminating the environment and polluting India's water. Bakeys is based in Hyderabad, where it encourages eating…
Smart Home

Xiaomi launches its smart home sub-brand with a smart rice cooker

No longer just a smartphone company, Xiaomi has launched its first sub-brand, and is making its way into the smart home space. And its first product? A smart rice cooker -- the Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker.
Emerging Tech

Scientists have developed a way to predict severe heat waves months before they happen

Unexpected heat waves may be a thing of the past thanks to new prediction technology using ocean surface temperature that can provide a warning for a heat wave up to two months in advance.

With the rise of the self-driving car may come the decline of the traffic light

First they came for the drivers, and now, autonomous vehicles are going after traffic lights. The latest thing to be rendered obsolete by the advent of self-driving technology are those pesky stop lights.
Smart Home

Raden wants to be the Apple of luggage with a pair of smart suitcases

Raden is a another new company that wants to reinvent travel with smart luggage. But with designers and engineers from both tech and luggage industries, this startup could actually disrupt traditional bag makers.

Invitations to the closed beta of Doom 2016 are now heading to inboxes

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Smart Home

Lift a glass: tabletop craft beer system launches on kickstarter

Like the Keurig for craft beer, the iGulu automated brewing system makes it easy to brew your own high-quality craft beer right on your kitchen counter. After launching on Kickstarter, the iGulu earned almost $20k in just two hours.
Emerging Tech

Is this a joke? Smell Dating service lets you find your soulmate by sniffing sweaty t-shirts

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Become the next PewDiePie with Razer’s Ripsaw capture card for PC, consoles

Razer has launched the Ripsaw, an external capture card that connects via USB 3.0. The device captures game footage as uncompressed raw data and promises 1080p streaming at 60 frames per second.
Emerging Tech

NASA has developed a greener and less toxic rocket fuel, and plans to show it off this week

After working on a high-performance green rocket propellant for the last four years, NASA announced it will finally unveil its new Green Propulsion Infusion Mission to members of the media at the end of March.
Virtual Reality

Pre-orders are now open for the $400 PlayStation VR Core Bundle

As promised, Sony is now offering the Core Bundle of its upcoming PlayStation VR headset. It includes the headset, an external processing box, and various cords, but doesn't include a PlayStation camera or Move controller.
Emerging Tech

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