Cryptocurrencies are no longer just a fad reserved for those in the know. Although the digital money system currently exists in many forms — with Bitcoin and Ethereum arguably being the two most recognizable — each is constructed via algorithmic encryption, allowing those with a computer and the proper software to get in the action. It’s a lucrative and volatile business to say the least, but cryptocurrencies provide an unprecedented level of transaction security and greater freedom from centralized banking, which has its appeals. Whether you want to invest in the budding industry or you’re simply curious as to what it’s all about, here’s everything you need to know about what many are calling the currency of tomorrow.

For better or worse, blockchain birth certificates are officially here

The first baby to have their birth certificate officially recorded on the blockchain has been registered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here's what it could mean for record-keeping as we know it.
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How to mine Bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is a better investment than mining it, but if you want to, you can still do it. Cloud mining is a more affordable and safer entry-point for Bitcoin mining, relatively speaking. Here's how to do it.
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Facebook Libra vs. Bitcoin

Facebook Libra and Bitcoin might seem like peas in a crypto-pod, but they're far from firm bedfellows. In fact, they have some stark differences when it comes to paying for things online.

10 years of Bitcoin: How a geeky cryptocurrency changed the world

From its birth one decade ago, Bitcoin sure has come a long way. How did it get to this point? Check out our handy potted history of the world's favorite cryptocurrency to find out.
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What is Bitcoin mining?

what is bitcoin mining