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Cryptocurrencies are no longer just a fad reserved for those in the know. Although the digital money system currently exists in many forms — with Bitcoin and Ethereum arguably being the two most recognizable — each is constructed via algorithmic encryption, allowing those with a computer and the proper software to get in the action. It’s a lucrative and volatile business to say the least, but cryptocurrencies provide an unprecedented level of transaction security and greater freedom from centralized banking, which has its appeals. Whether you want to invest in the budding industry or you’re simply curious as to what it’s all about, here’s everything you need to know about what many are calling the currency of tomorrow.


The best Bitcoin wallets to hodl, trade, and exchange crypto

Whether you want the convenience of online storage or the security of a hardware wallet, these are the best Bitcoin wallets you can use in 2024.
Faux bitcoin coin on a laptop.

How to buy Bitcoin

Helium Mobile $20/month plan banner showing a happy woman against a pink background.

You can now get unlimited 5G for just $20 a month — with a twist

A render of three iPhones, each displaying a different cryptocurrency app.

The best cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and Android in 2023

A close-up of a MacBook illuminated under neon lights.

This devious scam app proves that Macs aren’t bulletproof

Sony PS5 PS4 release launch fiscal year report analysis sales

PlayStation may be looking into NFTs and blockchain tech, per new patent

Brian Armstrong in Coin: A Founder's Story.

Coin: A Founder’s Story trailer puts a positive spin on crypto

A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

Beware, these free Windows apps are hiding a dangerous secret

everywhere devs respond to nft controversy game

Everywhere devs respond to claims that it will feature NFTs

A hand on a laptop in a dark surrounding.

North Korean hackers are targeting crypto workers

A depiction of a hacker breaking into a system via the use of code.

North Korean hackers target huge crypto exchange — are user funds safe?

Intel Arc Alchemist reference design render.

Intel’s latest GPUs are bad news for crypto miners

Players running into the mouth of a Puma shaped cave in Minecraft.

Minecraft takes a firm stance on blockchain tech by banning NFTs

Mojang isn't allowing Minecraft players to create and sell Minecraft NFTs or incorporate blockchain technology into Minecraft servers.
origin millenium desktop review gpu

A used mining GPU can save you a lot money, but should you buy one?

It can be tempting to buy a cheap, used mining GPU. However, there are quite a few reasons to be cautious about buying GPUs that were once used in mining rigs.
An Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card seen from the side.

Nvidia is trying to save itself from crypto’s collapse, but it may not be able to

A new report sheds some light on the current state of the market, exposing the fact that Nvidia, AMD, and Apple are trying to revise their chip orders.
Two graphics cards sitting on top of each other.

GPU prices aren’t just falling, they’re absolutely crashing from the crypto fallout

GPU prices have been declining for months, but the crash from the crypto fallout is finally taking shape as prices fall as much as 50%.
Cryptocurrency mining rig from computer graphic cards.

Next-gen GPU prices will all come down to crypto. Should you wait to buy?

GPU prices are finally at normal levels, but a new generation is looming on the horizon - one that could bring with it another shortage if crypto soars.
The Solana Saga debuts.

The Essential Phone’s spiritual successor is now a crypto phone no one asked for

The Solana Saga is a crypto-focused smartphone coming from the same minds as the Essential Phone, but it has a lot to prove before it launches.
A social security card in shrink-wrap paper.

This hacker site sold 24 million people’s data — until now

An underground illegal online marketplace that contained and sold sensitive information pertaining to individuals based out of the U.S. has been shut down.
A programmer preparing a crypto currency mining rig.

The last Nvidia GPUs have been cracked by crypto miners

Nvidia’s crypto mining limiter for the majority of its RTX 30 cards was recently fully unlocked. The last two boards have now been cracked.
GameStop storefront from outside.

GameStop’s latest pivot takes it into the NFT business

GameStop teased its pivot to NFTs with a cryptic tweet on the official GameStop NFT Twitter page.
A Bitcoin over a digital background.

Crypto is crashing, and that may make GPUs more affordable

It's been a tough week on the cryptocurrency market, filled with many heavy losses. As mining crypto becomes less profitable, will GPU prices plummet, too?
A programmer preparing a crypto currency mining rig.

Nvidia’s crypto mining limiter has just been fully cracked

The Lite Hash Rate (LHR) algorithm that limits the crypto mining performance of certain Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards has been completely cracked.
Cryptocurrency mining rig from computer graphic cards.

Nvidia fined $5.5M for allegedly hiding crypto impact on GPU sales

The SEC has fined Nvidia $5.5 million for allegedly failing to disclose the influence crypto mining had on its GPU sales during 2018.
Illustration of a woman putting a bitcoin into a piggy bank.

Why crypto’s eco-friendly pivot is perpetually delayed

Switching cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to a proof of stake system could cut their energy use by 99 percent, but doing so is easier said than done.
Polygonal avatars in Somnium Space.

‘Live Forever’ mode seeks to erase death using the metaverse

Somnium Space wants to collect a massive amount of data on you, but not to sell. Rather, it seeks to create a metaverse digital avatar for when you pass on.
Silhouette of male hand typing on laptop keyboard at night.

The dark web’s biggest marketplace just got taken down

The dark web just got a little less darker: The biggest dark web marketplace in the world, Hydra, has been taken offline.
Photo of Russian military weapons destroyed by the armed forces of Ukraine.

Mobile phones bring direct aid to Ukraine

Tech solutions like cryptocurrencies, Airbnb, and other methods are being used to send money directly to those affected by the war in Ukraine.
Cryptocurrency mining rig from computer graphic cards.

Hackers try to cash in on crypto mining tool for Nvidia GPUs

The hackers who orchestrated the Nvidia cyber breach are now attempting to sell a tool that removes all crypto mining limitations for its GPUs for a hefty fee.
Cloud storage for downloading an isometric. A digital service or application with data transmission. Network computing technologies. Futuristic Server. Digital space. Data storage.

The Interplanetary File System: How you’ll store files in the future

The Interplanetary File System is a radical new file storage protocol that could potentially lead to a tectonic shift in how information is stored on the web.
bitcoin cryptocurrency app | crypto

Best tax software for crypto

New to crypto? Need some help figuring out how to file your taxes? Here's the best tax software for crypto to help you get started.
Cryptocurrency mining rig from computer graphic cards.

Asus gives big bonuses based on demand for crypto-mining GPUs

A huge increase in profits due to demand for GPUs capable of mining cryptocurrency reportedly prompted Asus to hand out big bonuses to employees.
A render of Intel's 12th-gen mobile processor.

Intel may be working on specialized chip for mining Bitcoin

It appears that Intel may be venturing into cryptocurrency mining hardware. A new rumor shows that Intel may be working on a Bonanza Mine Bitcoin mining chip.
Multiple phone screens showing the NFT-focused service called Ubisoft Quartz.

Should gaming embrace NFT? Both sides of the debate weigh in

What are NFTs, and would games really benefit from their inclusion? We spoke to advocates on both sides of the NFT discussion.