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Free service protects your images through the use of blockchain technology

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Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
If you’re concerned about copyright infringement of the photographs you post online, you may find Blockai helpful. Blockai is a free online service designed to help photographers keep track of the images they share.

To perform this function, Blockai is relying on a proven but unconventional method — blockchain. Best known for its use in verifying Bitcoin transactions, blockchain is a public database that timestamps files and creates a unique identification file code that’s all but impossible to reproduce for each transaction.

Unlike blockchain’s use for Bitcoin though, Blockai is using the technology to effectively serialize artwork through an online platform that automatically creates a unique certificate of registration and keeps tabs on whether, and where, your work is being used across the web.


The first step to protecting your work is signing up for a Blockai account. Once your account is created, simply drag and drop the images you want to protect. Once protected and uploaded to Blockai’s system, your work is done; Blockai will take care of the rest.

Since each particular image has a very specific unique identifier, Blockai is able to scour the web and see if it’s being used by someone else. In the event it is, Blockai will notify you, complete with appropriate timestamps and identifiers in the event you wish to pursue legal action.

It’s a unique approach that simplifies the process of catching would-be image thieves with the help of cryptography. The best part is, Blockai’s service is entirely free for anyone and everyone to use, whether you’re a photographer sharing landscape images or a painter showing off your latest portrait.

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