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Hackers allegedly used cryptocurrency in attack against Clinton campaign

An 11-count indictment filed against 12 Russian military intelligence officers reveals that the group allegedly used cryptocurrency to remain anonymous in a scheme against the Clinton campaign in 2016. They used these digital coins to pay for the website used to release stolen election-related documents.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Money-laundering ‘Bitcoin Maven’ receives one-year prison sentence

Theresa Tetley of Los Angeles, also known as the Bitcoin Maven, gets sentenced to one year in prison. The prison term is down from the 30 months that she faced for running an unlicensed money transmission business and, in at least one instance, exchanging Bitcoin for cash that came from illegal means.
Sirin Labs Finney Crypto Phone

Sirin Labs’ crypto-phone could change the way we pay

If blockchain technology, tokens, hot and cold wallets, and all the other cryptocurrency buzzwords have put you off learning about and using this fascinating technology, Sirin Labs is making the phone for you. It’s called the Finney, and it wants to make cryptocurrency as easy as Apple Pay.
Ethereum coins sitting on a desk.

What is Ethereum?

New cryptocurrencies are sprouting out of thin air all of the time, but only a few have had a lasting impact. Ethereum is one such cryptocurrency, despite only being a couple of years old. It's one of the most valuable and has enabled the creation of many others. What is Ethereum? It's one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies.
GTX 1070 Ti

Cryptocurrency may be why you still don’t have Nvidia GTX 11 Series graphics

Unnamed sources point to the current overabundance of add-in graphics cards as to why you’re not already seeing Nvidia’s new GeForce GTX 11 Series on store shelves. Nvidia reportedly has around one million chips ready for release but is holding back because there is simply no room for next-gen cards.
innovators inside a bitcoin mine digital trends

These are the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world

With all the cryptocurrency hubbub in the world these days, it's not surprise that some giants in the money making market have appeared. Whether they assist others with mining, or do it themselves, here's some of the largest farms and pools in the world.
A Bitcoin over a digital background.

A look into Bitcoin’s troubled year

Last year, Bitcoin seemed nearly unstoppable, but things have changed and not for the better. The currency recently dropped to less than $6,000 which is a far cry from the lofty heights of last year or even earlier this year.
what is bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin? It's a question that many recent investors might struggle to answer effectively because cryptocurrencies are a whole world unto themselves. Getting your head around the basics is important if you want to know what you're getting into before buying buying into the latest crypto-craze.
classic recreations shelby gt500cr

Now you can buy a classic Ford Mustang with cryptocurrency

Classic Recreations, known for rebuilding and upgrading vintage Ford Mustangs, now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment. That means you can buy an 800-horsepower muscle car with Bitcoin. The company hopes this will help it expand its customer base internationally.
lawsuit orlando shooting facebook twitter

Facebook changes its cryptocurrency rules by easing its ad blocking policy

Facebook changed its mind about banning cryptocurrency-related ads from the social network. Starting June 26, the updated policy will allow advertisements that promote cryptocurrency and related content, but only from pre-approved advertisers. Ads for ICOs and binary options are still banned.
how mastercard is making real money more like bitcoin insecure 1

Why Mastercard is ripping a page from Bitcoin’s book

Mastercard wants to use the inherent security of blockchain to make money more intuitive and less hackable. Its new blockchain patents seeks to put an end to credit card skimmers. Regardless of what you think about cryptocurrency, the largest financial institutions are transforming real money to be more like it every day.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Was late 2017 cryptocurrency spike artificially inflated?

A new report stemming from the University of Texas at Austin claims that the big surge in cryptocurrency values during 2017 was artificially created using a digital currency called Tether. The report focuses on Bitfinex, one of the largest unregulated digital currency exchanges on the market.
samsung galaxy note 9 vs apple iphone x 1

Apple just banned apps from cryptocurrency mining on iOS devices

Apple has banned apps that mine cryptocurrency on iOS devices. The company updated its guidelines recently, highlighting that while apps related to cryptocurrency are still allowed, apps that mine it are not. Of course, iOS devices generally aren't powerful enough to mine much cryptocurrency anyway.
insecure cryptojacking is set to become the new malware epidemic cryptocurrency unsplash3

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange loses $40 million in hack

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange has lost more than $40 million worth of digital currencies as the result of a recent hack
teenage bitcoin millionaire doc oc suit wood

Why a 19-year-old Bitcoin millionaire built a working Dr. Octopus suit

What would you do if you were a 19-year-old kid with $3.3 million? There are few people more equipped to answer that than teenaged bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman. His answer? You use some of that cash to build a Doctor Octopus-style exosuit and try and shake up the education system.
A technician inspects the backside of bitcoin mining at Bitfarms in Saint Hyacinthe.

Hackers prove how powerful computers can cheat Bitcoin and blockchain

A 51 percent attack on the ZenCash cryptocurrency shows that proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin are vulnerable to large-scale computing power. As just one of several recent attacks, it's possible that those behind it are growing bolder and more ambitious with their targets.
ticetfly hacked for not paying bitcoin ransom ticketfly cyberattack

Ticketfly goes offline after refusing to pay hacker’s Bitcoin ransom

Ticketfly was hacked for not paying a ransom of one Bitcoin, but it's unclear if credit card details are part of the breach. Site owners have taken Ticketfly offline temporarily to investigate the cyberattack, though the hacker claims he may release more stolen information.
Zotac GeForce GTX 1080Ti AMP

Nvidia could reboot its game bundle with ‘The Crew 2’ and GTX 1080s

Nvidia is set to start giving away free games with its graphics cards once again by offering the upcoming open-world racer, The Crew 2, to gamers looking to upgrade to its top-of-the-line 10-series graphics cards. New GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti purchases will come with a free copy of the upcoming game.

Scotland has a rehab clinic for people who are addicted to trading bitcoin

Can't help yourself when it comes to Bitcoin? Castle Craig Hospital is starting to treat cryptocurrency addicts like gambling addicts, and they think they can help you break the "hold on for deal life," or HODL trap. The treatment involves a rather expensive residential program, however.
the market smart ornament cryptocurrency a w 11

This desktop ornament tracks the value of cryptocurrency using a … seesaw?

Want a more entertaining way to track currencies? The Market is a kinetic smart sculpture ornament of a bull and a bear on a seesaw, which tilts in real-time to reflect actual day-over-day changes in capital markets. It's totally steampunk, and you can pre-order it right now.
facebook live stream mls soccer

This website lets you earn cryptocurrency by picking World Cup winners

With the 2018 World Cup tournament looming, a new website called Cryptocup allows users to earn cryptocurrency by predicting the winners of the 64-team tournament, earning tokens for each game they select, with those tokens being thrown into a pot that will be awarded to the winner. Tokens can be sold on the crypto market as well.

The Justice Department is now cracking down on cryptocurrency scams

The Justice Department is now working with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to launch a criminal investigation to determine if digital coin traders are manipulating prices using illegal practices such as spoofing and wash trading. Sources say the federal probe is in the early stages.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

How much energy does Bitcoin mining require? Experts are unsure

How much energy is required to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? A recent study estimates that Bitcoin mining uses as much energy as Ireland, but some experts disagree with those findings.
Graphics cards in a crypto mining farm.

Bitcoin’s profitability called into question as energy consumption rises

Growing interest in Bitcoin is wielding a double-edged sword against cryptocurrency operations. Bitcoin mining is estimated to consume 0.5 percent of the world's energy consumption this year, and rising cost needed to cool mining facilities may make cryptocurrency mining unprofitable.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

Microsoft Bing joins Google, Facebook in banning cryptocurrency advertisements

Microsoft is now banning ads for cryptocurrency, related products, and unregulated binary options from its Bing Ads network. Given their unregulated nature, cryptocurrencies and related products pose an elevated risk due to bad actors that may participate in predatory behaviors to scam customers.
Large Bitcoin on a laptop keyboard

A German bank is using Bitcoin to handle international loans

A German bank, Bitbond, is using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to facilitate international loans. The bank's founder believes that Bitcoin can make for quicker and more affordable loans while lowering the risk of falling victim to cryptocurrency volatility.
Mark Zuckerberg Keynote Address in front of F8 logo

World domination, phase two: Facebook ponders its own cryptocurrency

After forming an internal team dedicated to blockchain technologies, Facebook is reportedly jumping into cryptocurrency with both feet. Anonymous sources close to Facebook report the social media giant is considering the release of its own virtual token for electronic payments.
gamers should mine cryptocurrency easycryptohunterrig01

Nvidia saw a revenue spike from sales of graphics cards to crypto miners

Nvidia made hundreds of millions of dollars selling graphics cards to cryptocurrency miners in the last quarter alone. This would seem to counter previous claims made by the company that miners were one of its smallest sales segments and that it was putting gamers first when it came to stock and pricing.
Kodak Ektra

KodakOne uses blockchain and web crawlers to spot stolen images

Kodak licensee Wenn Digital is using blockchain to create a registry of images called KodakOne and cryptocurrency to pay photographers for images. While KodakOne is slated to arrive late this year, the cryptocurrency KodakCoin will launch on May 21 with SEC-registered broker-dealers.
Zotac GeForce GTX 1080Ti AMP

Nvidia graphics cards may be back in stock, but they’re disappearing quick

Nvidia refreshed its batch of GeForce GTX 10 Series Founders Edition graphics cards, but they're quickly selling out as expected. As of this publication, customers already depleted Nvidia's supply of GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1070 Ti, and GTX 1060 graphics cards. The other two will likely be gone soon.
facebook blockchain privacy tools executives change roles gensler fb02 nov 0144 edit

Facebook confirms it’s making a big move with many of its executives

Facebook's leadership structure looks a bit different now -- but even users that don't care about the who's who of Facebook could see the effects as the company creates teams for privacy tools and blockchain technology. The change creates three divisions for Facebook, each with a number of different teams.
volition card game blockchain technology ccg feat

Volition is a blockchain-powered collectible card game that you print at home

Developed by veterans of The Spoils, Volition is a collectible card game from Cryptogogue that uses blockchain technology. It lets players customize their play with upgrades, augments, and customized fan art. It will even have its own cryptocurrency, using miners to discover new cards and booster packs.
what is bitcoin mining

Cryptojacking hackers infected 400 major websites with stealth miners

Coinhive's javascript cryptocurrency miners have been found installed on more than 400 websites that contained a vulnerability in the Drupal content management system. The cryptojackers behind it have made off with heaps of cryptocurrency off of the backs of unwitting website owners and visitors.
Fallout 4

Games from Space lets you loan your GPU to earn free games

Games from Space is a new PC gaming service that allows users to loan the power of their GPU to earn free digital games. The selection of titles includes newer releases like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and the time it takes you to earn a new game will vary depending on the power of your GPU.