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Eric Brackett

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Sabrina the teenage witch

Netflix shows off trailer for “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Riverdale fans are in for a treat, as Netflix has announced that it'll be home to the upcoming series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The series will be based on the current Archie Comics series, and focus on Sabrina's struggles as a young witch. Netflix recently released the first trailer for the series
Apple Logo

Amazon, Apple and government agencies deny Bloomberg’s hacking story

Apple, Amazon and government agencies from the United States and the United Kingdom have denied Bloomberg's allegations regarding Chinese hacking. Apple and Amazon released statements earlier this week and several intelligence agencies have expressed agreement with their conclusions.
facebook messenger 2017 android

Voice commands could be coming to Facebook Messenger

Facebook is in the midst of testing a new feature for Messenger. The social media giant has confirmed that it is in the process of conducting internal tests for using voice commands within the company's Messenger app. The company did not give any confirmation that the feature would make it to the live app.
history bose car audio bose1

Bose’s latest hearing aid has its own app

The Food and Drug Administration has granted Bose approval to sell an intuitive new hearing aid. The device, which is the first to be approved for marketing and sale by the FDA, is aimed at those with mild to moderate hearing loss and can be controlled and programmed via a mobile app.
ikea lamp recall calypso ceiling

Ikea issues recall of popular Calypso ceiling lamp due to safety hazard

Ikea has issued a recall of their popular Calypso lamp due to a possible safety hazard. There have been several reports which indicate that the lamp's glass shade can come loose from its frame and fall. So far there have been 19 reports of this occurring, three with minor injuries.
facebook security hack 3rd parties zuckfix

Facebook warns that third-party apps could have been affected by recent breach

It may not just be your Facebook account at risk. The social media giant has warned that third-party apps which allow users to log in via their Facebook accounts may also have been affected by the recent security breach, though the company has yet to confirm these fears are now a reality.
facebook messenger

Will U.S. government force Facebook to decrypt Messenger?

The Department of Justice and Facebook are embroiled in a legal dispute over the future of Messenger's privacy policies. The government is demanding it decrypt Messenger to allow for wiretapping of criminal suspects. Facebook is refusing to do so citing fears that such a move could be easily abused.

Facebook accidentally blocks stories regarding security breach

Facebook's algorithms and A.I. are far from perfect, and an incident yesterday involving stories discussing the company's recent security breach provide a prime example. The company's spam filters accidentally stopped users from posting certain stories related to the recent breach.
MoviePass card and iPhone app

MoviePass tries to force lapsed subscribers back into the fold

MoviePass has had rough several months. This time last year, the subscription service seemed too good to be true -- and it turns out it was. The service is bleeding cash and in an attempt to make ends meet, it is now trying to force old subscribers to come back for at least another month.
Cody Wilson, owner of Defense Distributed company, holds a 3D printed gun

3D-printed gun advocate extradited to Texas to face sex-assault charges

The founder of Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson, has been arrested in Taiwan. Current reports indicate that Wilson will be extradited to the United States where he faces charges of sexual assault involving a minor. Wilson was arrested on Friday after being spotted at a Taipei hotel.
2019 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche brings diesel car production to a screeching halt

Porsche has become the first German automaker to abandon diesel fuels. In a press release, the company said that it was no longer going to be producing diesel-powered cars. It cited the fact that consumers are moving towards other alternatives such as hybrids and electric vehicles for its decision.
egyptian divers arrested for cutting underwater internet cables diver checking cable

New mask-mounted head-up display gives Navy combat divers tactical advantage

The Navy has developed a new head-up display (HUD), called Shadow Nav, that will make it easier for divers to navigate low-light conditions. The Shadow Nav will provide a diver's depth, compass directions, and other information in an HUD display that can last more than 20 hours between charges.
T-Mobile storefront with corporate signage.

How T-Mobile plans to use 5G to challenge traditional ISPs

In a recent filing statement released to the FCC, T-Mobile outlined its plans to use its new 5G service to provide an alternative to traditional ISPs such as Comcast and Charter. The company promised that it would offer higher speeds at lower rates than its competitors especially in rural areas.
apple file system

Apple hates sex, drugs, and violence — on Apple TV, anyway

Apple is making a major push into the entertainment industry by developing original content. But its self-imposed restrictions regarding violence, nudity, and drugs have led to several delays. The company is fearful of offending customers, so it is working to project a family-friendly image.
what is prime now amazon packages

Amazon to crack down on employees who sell confidential info to merchants

Amazon's marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds in the decades since its founding. But this growth has created a shadow economy of its own -- one that deals in the sale of in insider data and positive reviews. Now, Amazon is working to root out that corruption, but it has a long way to go.
facebook eutelsat satellite africa

Is California going to launch its own satellite to monitor climate change?

California is looking to take on climate change in a big way. Governor Jerry Brown has announced that he has plans for the state to launch its own satellite in order to help monitor, track, and combat climate change. No firm date has been given for the launch, which is several years off.

5G may spur the return of smartphones locked to specific carriers

5G will likely bring plenty of benefits to our smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, that increased speed will come with what some might see as a dealbreaker: Carrier-locked phones. The first generation of 5G phones may be locked to the carrier they are purchased from, so choose wisely.
Google Headquarters

Google’s improvements to Sound Search will help it recognize songs better

Google is rolling out some major changes to Sound Search, the company's server-side music-recognition system. The company is hoping these changes will make Sound Search faster and more accurate than Now Playing and allow Google to expand its database of songs in order to continuously improve the system.
witcher 3s second playable character living weapon watch ciri in the 3 wild hunt wide

Casting call for role of Ciri gives more hints about Witcher TV series

The Witcher TV series is rumored to premiere sometime next year on Netflix. However, we do have some more information regarding the series. A recent casting call gives clues regarding Ciri's role in the plot, as well as some more information about who she will be interacting with throughout the series.

Apple makes push into feature films with ‘Elephant Queen’ and ‘Wolfwakers’

Apple is continuing its push into the world of television and movies with two new acquisitions. The tech giant has recently acquired the nature documentary The Elephant Queen and Tomm Moore's animated movie The Wolfwakers. Both works come from celebrated creators of documentaries and animated films.

Microsoft will extend Windows 7 support … for a price

Microsoft has announced that it will be extended the service period for Windows 7 by three years. However, organizations who want to take advantage of this offer will have to pay for it each month, with the price set to increase every year until the offer expires in early 2023.
amazon parent dashboard go

Amazon Go checkout-free stores set to arrive in New York City

Amazon Go is looking to branch out of the company's hometown of Seattle. In addition to locations in Chicago and San Francisco, Amazon has announced that it is planning on hoping a new Amazon Go store in New York City. The store's location and opening date have not been announced
Nintendo Switch Settings menu on Home screen.

Cloud saves will not be supported on all Switch titles

Nintendo has revealed that a number of titles won't support the cloud save feature which comes as part of the Switch's online service. These games include a handful of first- and third-party titles ranging from shooters to sports games and even Pokémon Let's Go.

First responders to qualify for discounts under new AT&T policy

AT&T has announced that it will be offering discounts for first responders. These discounts will give qualified individuals 25 percent off certain mobile plans which offer unlimited data and entertainment services. The company is also offering discounts on DirectTV and home internet service.

Apple announces new policies to aid law enforcement worldwide

Apple has announced a new initiative that will make it easier for law enforcement agencies to submit and track information requests. In addition to this online portal, the company is also working on improving its online training programs to make it easier to reach smaller law enforcement agencies.
google pixelbook vs microsoft surface pro 2017 pixelbook2

Microsoft ends the Surface Plus lease program

After roughly a year since its launch, Microsoft has decided to end the Surface Plus program. This plan allowed customers to lease a Surface device for 24 months at 0 percent interest with an option to upgrade the device after 18 months. The company gave no details as to why it decided to end the program.
Best alternatives to Zoom - Skype

Say goodbye to Highlights: Microsoft goes back to basics with Skype redesign

Microsoft is taking a back-to-basics approach with Skype's new UI. In addition to removing certain features, such as Highlights, the company is also looking to improve the UI's usability by focusing on a simple, clean UI. We're also getting new themes such as Dark and Classic.
Amazon Echo Show

It’s no joke: Alexa is now installed on more than 20,000 devices worldwide

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is one of the most popular digital assistants on the market and IFA Berlin served as a prime opportunity for the company to showcase that growth. The software is now available on more than 20,000 devices, with more expected to hit the market soon.
iPhone 8 data usage

Apple offers free repairs for owners of defective iPhone 8s

Does your iPhone 8 run slowly or restart at random? If so, it might suffer from a faulty logic board, in which case Apple is now offering free repairs. The new plan only covers phones from certain regions, so make sure yours is eligible before sending it in for repairs.

Apple self-driving car found not to be at fault after being rear-ended

One of Apple's self-driving cars has been involved in an accident with a Nissan Leaf. The autonomous car was moving at low speed while attempting to merge into traffic when it was rear-ended by the driving of the Leaf. It was found not to be at fault, according to a report.
senate overturns fcc net neutrality repeal chuck schumer nancy pelosi

California’s pro-net neutrality bill awaits governor’s signature

California is close to restoring net neutrality rules. A bill to bring ease back to web surfers has passed both legislative chambers. It now awaits the governor's signature. Jerry Brown has 30 days to act on the bill.
Youtube on mobile.

YouTube expands unskippable ads to more creators

More ads, or at least ads you can't avoid, are coming to YouTube. The company has announced that it is now offering unskippable ads to all content creators who are currently eligible for video monetization. This will likely mean that you'll be seeing more unskippable adds soon.
nintendo switch tips and tricks review photos pdx 507 skyrim

It’s not just for gaming: InkyPen app brings comic books to the Nintendo Switch

A new app called InkyPen, is bringing comic books and manga to the Nintendo Switch. Launching later this fall, the app will offer readers thousands of comics from publishers such as IDW, Valiant and other publishers in the industry with the exception of Marvel and DC comics.
duraxv lte

Verizon pledges to no longer throttle first responders’ data speeds

Verizon has pledged that it will no longer throttle the data speed of emergency personnel responding to disasters. The announcement follows the news that the mobile carrier had slowed down data speeds for firefighters who were in the process of fighting wildfires in California.