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iPhone X - How to use AirDrop

Samsung could make $22 billion from OLED displays for the iPhone X

The iPhone X is a big success for Apple, but it's also a major win for Samsung Display, which builds the phone's screens.
Best Phones of 2017 Google Pixel 2

Google hires Apple chip designer John Bruno

Google has hired former Apple chip designer John Bruno. He will likely be helping develop custom hardware for the Pixel line.
bitcoin stock

Bitcoin approaches $20K, but is the bubble about to burst?

Bitcoin has seen some really impressive growth this year in terms of value and mainstream interest, but what are the risks?
obsidian says no microtransactions pillars of eternity ii  deadfire

Obsidian promises no microtransactions in upcoming role-playing game

Despite working with Take-Two Interactive, Obsidian has promised that its upcoming RPG will not feature microtransactions.
gesture-controlled steering wheel with touch screen

Is this gesture-controlled steering wheel genius or madness?

ZF has unveiled a new gesture-based steering wheel that could change how we interact with and control our cars.
five million gmail addresses passwords get leaked android phone

Google Inbox will let you unsubscribe from mailing lists you’ve been ignoring

Google is rolling out a new feature that will help users easily unsubscribe from promotional emails that they no longer want.
Porsche Panamera 4-E Hybrid

Porsche’s Panamera popular hybrids have battery makers struggling to keep up

Makers of the batteries for Porche's Panamera hybrid are having troubling meeting the company's unexpected demand.
bitcoin future exchanges coming soon bitcoins

Major investment firms are now offering Bitcoin futures

The Chicago-based Cboe Global Market launched the first Bitcoin futures exchange earlier this year. Now, TD Ameritrade has joined
google maps new design wifi public transit pic2

Google Maps will now tell you when to get off the train or bus

Google Maps is one of the most useful features that Google offers and it will now tell you when to get off the train or bus
kepler nasa emergency

NASA and Google A.I. team up and discover a new planet

NASA and Google have joined forces and, working together, have discovered a new planet 2,545 light years from Earth.
norway moves past fm radio

Norway becomes first country to end support for FM radio in national broadcasts

Norway has become the first country to end support for FM Radio in national broadcasts. The country has moved to digital audio broadcasting.
a way out review

Prepare to meet Leo and Vincent when ‘A Way Out’ launches in March

Hazelight's latest co-op game,prison-break thriller A Way Out is coming in March 2018, and promises a unique co-op experience.
Tesla Semi Truck

Anheuser-Busch placed an order for 40 Tesla Semis

One of the world's largest beer companies has placed an order for 40 Tesla Semis, which it says will make deliveries greener and safer.
harman combats cyberattacks on autonomous vehicles at ces why well all love self driving cars when were older

Apple’s director of A.I. gives more insight into the company’s self-driving cars

Apple's director of artificial intelligence,Ruslan Salakhutdinov, recently gave a presentation on the company's self-driving cars

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ will hit theaters next year

Marvel has announced a new Spider-Man movie and its a bit different than what you may be used to, as it will be an animated work.
Nissan Leaf

The 2018 Nissan Leaf will be the first car to join the company’s rental program

The 2018 version of the Nissan Leaf will be one of the first cars featured in the company's upcoming car sharing service
Gudak app in action

This camera app requires users to wait three days for pictures to ‘develop’

The new Gudak app has hit it big by making users wait three days in order develop photos in an attempt to replicate that old school feel.
played meal steak spinach

Walmart has officially jumped on the meal kit bandwagon

There's a new player in the meal kit market. Walmart has partnered with several companies in order to start selling meal kits on its website.
Amazon Echo

Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Echo reach 28 more countries

Amazon Music Unlimited is expanding its reach to 28 new countries. In addition, Echo support is coming as well.
Samsung Galaxy S8 tips and tricks Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung clarifies that there is no ‘Microsoft Edition’ Galaxy S8

After eight months, Samsung has finally spoken out regarding the Microsoft Edition S8s, and confirmed they don't exist.
android messages improvements phones textting one another

Happy birthday, SMS! The text message turns 25

December 3, 1992, marks an important date in the history of mobile communications -- the advent of SMS text messages.
Samsung W2018 flip phone

Samsung’s W2018 combines the best features of smartphones and flip phones

Samsung has revealed its newest smartphone/flip phone hybrid in the form of the W2018, which is set to release in China.
bitcoin expert released after ransom

This Bitcoin collection is worth $75 million — it’s also buried in a landfill

James Howells may be the unluckiest investor ever. His Bitcoin collection is worth $75 million, but its buried under a landfill
New Ford GT front angle

Ford sues John Cena for selling his Ford GT after less than a month

Ford has filed a lawsuit against wrestler John Cena for selling the Fort GT supercar after less than a month of ownership.
vidme shuts down in december shutting

Vidme shuts down due to increased competition from YouTube and Facebook

After several years of operation, online video sharing site Vidme has reported that it will be shutting down.

In Cyberwar class, college students learn to think like hackers

At Berkeley, one professor has partnered with HackerOne to teach aspiring computer scientists how to think like hackers.
prescription drugs

Will Amazon soon sell you generic prescription drugs?

Amazon is looking into entering the healthcare field, as reports come in that the retailer has been in discussion with drug companies.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review commands

Your own palm may be used to fetch your password on future Galaxy phones

Samsung recently filed a patent for a palm reading technology that may be used on upcoming Galaxy smartphones.
best amazon deals

Black Friday digital sales reached record highs this year

The country's busiest shopping day reached record broke new ground this year, as digital sales soared to all-time highs.
YouTube TV on Samsung, LG TVs

Amazon Prime Music is coming to Samsung smart TVs

Samsung owners will have a new music option later this month as Amazon Prime Music comes to Samsung smart TVs and audio devices.
Substitute Phone

These ‘Substitute Phones’ are fabricated for fidgety phone fingers

The Substitute Phone combines our tactile need to touch and swipe at our smartphones while giving us a break from social media.
DT's Favorite Games of 2016

Distracted ‘Pokémon Go’ players may have caused billions in damages

A team of economists at Purdue Univesity found that the popular AR game Pokémon Go led to an increased number of traffic accidents.
mexico voting breach hacking laptop passwords code

Imgur reveals that 1.7 million accounts were hacked in 2014

Imgur has reported that more than one million accounts were hacked in 2014. The company has notified those affected.

‘My Tamagotchi Forever’ coming to Android and iOS next year

Everyone's favorite virtual pets are back. My Tamagotchi Forever is coming to Android and iOS devices in 2018.