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wikipedia text adventure game

Wikipedia can now be found on the dark web

In an effort to promote freedom of information, a cybersecurity expert has created a version of Wikipedia accessible via the Tor browser.
bmw snapchat create ar ads bmwsnapchat

Snapchat and BMW team up to bring augmented reality ads to life

Snapchat and BMW have teamed up to bring the first of Snapchat's augmented reality ads to life. This new ad will feature the BMW X2.
yahoo 500 million accounts hacked on tablet

Canadian man charged in 2014 Yahoo breach expected to plead guilty in the U.S.

One of the men involved in the 2014 Yahoo breach is expected to appear in federal court on Tuesday, where he will plead guilty
tokyo 2020 olympics facial recognition

Next year’s flagship Android phones may offer facial recognition features

Will 2018 be the year that Android makers embrace facial recognition software, as Apple did with iPhone X?
Oculus React VR

Oculus React VR takes you behind the scenes of ‘Jumanji’ and the British Museum

Oculus React has announced its first round VR projects, and they include offerings from Sony Pictures and the British Museum.
ford ev free charging incentive for employees could help improve technology infrastructure tesla model s supercharger 628

Tesla launches external battery pack for iPhone and Android devices

Tesla, the company best known for electric cars, has released an external battery pack for iPhone and Android devices
Everything you need to know about Neuralink

How Hollywood techniques and VR are changing the field of neuroscience

Hollywood CGI and the rise of virtual reality are changing how scientists approach the field of neuroscience.
The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt

‘Witcher 3’ developer slams microtransactions — ‘We leave greed to others’

CD Projekt Red, the team behind the Witcher and upcoming Cyberpunk 2020 games, has taken a firm stance against microtransactions.
Samsung Chromebook Pro review

Samsung is working on a detachable two-in-one Chromebook

Samsung is reportedly working on a detachable Chromebook that will be powered by a Kaby Lake processor and is expected to launch next year.
jaguar land rover tests self driving cars

Jaguar Land Rover takes its self-driving cars to public streets

Britain's largest car company, Jaguar Land Rover, is testing out its newest self-driving cars on public roadways
Malcolm Young AC/DC

AC/DC guitarist and co-founder Malcolm Young dies at 64

AC/DC's Malcolm young has died at the age of 64. The band's guitarist and co-founder passed away after a three-year struggle with dementia.
Tesla Semi Truck

World’s largest retailer cautiously optimistic about Tesla’s electric big rig

Walmart, Loblaw, and other retailers are investing in Tesla's new electric semi truck though other players are staying on the sidelines

Apple data center in Denmark gets a new neighbor in Google

Google recently purchased a plot of land adjacent to the one Apple is planning to use as a tech center in 2019.
Logo of Sunday Night football.

Verizon and NFL move forward on deal to expand streaming rights

Verizon and the NFL have reportedly reached a deal which would expand the wireless carrier's access to NFL games.
apple vs fbi backdoor to data already exists security unlock touch

New exploit uses antivirus software to help spread malware

A recently discovered exploit has found a way to use a feature within most antivirus software which would allow the spread of malware
how to use Instagram Stories

Instagram will soon let users follow hashtags in addition to accounts

Instagram may soon let users follow hashtags in addition to accounts making it easier to find content that is relevant to you.
what is bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash surpassed Ethereum as world’s second most popular cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash still lags behind its older sibling, but it briefly supplanted Ethereum as the second most valuable cryptocurrency
how to delete your uber account

If you don’t mind walking a bit, here’s how to save money on Uber

Want to save some money on your next Uber ride? Consider walking a few blocks with Uber's Express Pool service.
robby the robot auction

Want to own a ‘Forbidden’ sci-fi icon? Robby the Robot is going up for auction

Robby the Robot, who first appeared in Forbidden Planet, is going up for sale for the first time since the late 70s.
Superior comic

Netflix seeks to use Mark Millar’s new comics as previews of new shows and movies

Interested in seeing what Netflix has in store for the future? The works of Mark Millar may hold the keys to the next Stranger Things.
Bitcoin on computer

Would you mind if someone openly used your phone to mine cryptocurrency?

Your phone could be one of the 100,000 that Russian developer Alexey Khripkov could turn into a cryptocurrency mining operation
google project loon indonesia balloon

Project Loon has restored internet access to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico

Project Loon has restored internet access to 100,000 people in Puerto Rico who were left without service after the recent hurricane.

Reddit’s CEO talks about his plans to upgrade the ‘front page of the internet’

After several years, Reddit is finally getting a new UI meant to increase user retention and make the site more usable.
DT's Favorite Games of 2016

Niantic promises it won’t abandon Pikachu for Buckbeak anytime soon

Niantic has released a statement promising that it will not be abandoning Pokémon Go in favor of its new Harry Potter game.
twitter usersnames character limit man holding iphone 6 with on the screen

Twitter’s new policies on hate speech and harassment roll out in November

Twitter's new policies regarding hate speech, extremist groups, and harassment will be implemented on November 1st
twisted photons could give wi fi fast as fiber optics verizon 300mbps optic feature large

Twisted photons may give the speed of fiber optics with the conveniences of Wi-Fi

Researchers have discovered a way of twisting photons that could give us the conveniences of Wi-Fi and the speed of fiber optics
roup of medical staff at hospital, doctors team standing together

Modified silk could be used to repair damaged spinal cords

Researchers have discovered that sterilized silk could make help stimulate nerve growth in patients with spinal injuries.
Motobot, robot

Yamaha shows off the improved Motobot at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Yamaha has unveiled a new version of its robotic motorcycle at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The Motobot recently reached speeds of 200 KM
hundreds of black holes found in a distant star system blackhole  nasa jpl feat

NASA put together a playlist of spooky space sounds for Halloween

NASA has unveiled a spooky playlist consisting of sounds obtained from the space organization's various missions across the solar system.
iphone x charging vs mate 10 pro

Apple fires an engineer over daughter’s iPhone X video

Apple has fired an engineer over his daughter's video of the unreleased iPhone X due to her filming on Apple's campus.
battery explosions whats going on galaxy note 7 exploding mem 2

Researchers may have found what causes smartphone batteries to explode

New research has shed some light as to why smartphone batteries sometimes explode and how we can prevent it.
new parrot drones could aid rescue workers bebop pro thermal 4 preview

These new Parrot drones could save lives and crops

Parrot has announced a new line of commercial drones which are aimed at rescue workers, construction crews, and farmers.

Unsend, unsend! New WhatsApp feature lets you take back sent messages

WhatsApp has unveiled a new feature that will allow you to delete messages sent to groups or individuals,.
DT10 Cars - Volvo XC90 “Drive Me” self-driving car

NHTSA seeks to remove old obstacles to clear the way for self-driving cars

The NHTSA is seeking to remove or rewrite regulations regarding self-driving cars in order to make their development easier.