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apples electric car is an open secret says teslas elon musk tesla

Elon Musk calls for colony on Mars to prevent new dark age

During his speech at SXSW, Elon Musk warned that humanity could fall into a third dark age in the event of a third world war
insect robot robot1

This bug-like robot is learning to improvise on the go

A.I. has came a long way, but it is still pretty bad at improvisation. However, a new robot from Tokyo Tech is making several steps in that direction.

FBI arrests CEO of Phantom Secure for allegedly aiding organized crime

The CEO of Phantom Secure has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly working with various criminal organizations.

Move over, lithium! Researchers create world’s first rechargeable proton battery

A team of researchers at RMIT University have created a working prototype for the world's first rechargeable proton battery
Black Panther

Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’ earns more than $1 billion at international box office

In less than a month, Marvel's Black Panther has earned more than $1 billion dollars internationally making it one of Marvel's most successful movies.
facebook sports stadium

Facebook Watch to get exclusive rights to 25 MLB games

The MLB and Facebook have teamed up to provide baseball fans with a new way to watch their favorite teams via Facebook Watch.
samsung galaxy s9 review

Study shows Android enjoys more brand loyalty than iOS

A recent study showed that Android enjoys a higher degree of loyalty from its user base than iOS does from those who use it.
Netflix kids streaming video

Netflix tests out patch reward system to hook more young viewers

Netflix is often testing out new features to see what intrigues customers and it is currently testing out a badge system that rewards kids for watching TV.
Amazon HQ

Amazon is very interested in Arlington County, Virginia

Where will Amazon place its next headquarters? It is still up in the air, but D.C. remains one of the strongest contenders.
faa tests aerial drones for commerical use draganfly x4es drone 1

Drones are helping restore power to Puerto Rico

Drones are nothing new, but in Puerto Rico they are helping Duke Energy's volunteers restore downed and submerged power lines.
2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid Review

Porsche may build flying taxis to combat traffic

Porsche may start work on developing flying taxis as a way of combating gridlock and quickly ferrying users through major cities.
Windows Mixed Reality Review

New Windows Insider preview build causes issues with Mixed Reality

Windows Insider Preview can be a great way for Windows enthusiasts to test out upcoming features, but version 17112 comes with some major issues.

Which social media platform wins?

There are plenty of different social media platforms and they all fill a different niche, but Facebook and YouTube remain on top.
nest cam iq familiar face

Amazon steps up war with Google, kicks Nest out of the nest

The ongoing feud between Amazon and Google is ramping up as Amazon has decided to not carry any of Nest's new products.
MoviePass check in

MoviePass blocks subscribers from ‘Red Sparrow’ and restores an unwelcome feature

MoviePass got a bit of bad press this week as it was revealed that the company was selectively blocking some movies from its service.
autonomy today fewer crashes tomorrow five current cars with autonomous tech h

Autonomous cars with remote operators to hit California streets in April

Autonomous cars operated via remote drivers may soon hit the road in California.The state DMV has said that it expects to approve the plan within a few days.
bitcoin lets you nab steep discounts on Amazon if you pay with Bitcoin

Purse wants to help users save money on Amazon purchases while providing a means for others to earn Bitcoins.
Always Connected

Microsoft and Xiaomi team up to produce smart speakers, laptops, and more

Microsoft and Xiaomi have announced that they have partnered to help create a new line of phones, laptops and smart speakers powered by Microsoft's software.
How to turn off notifications in Android

Android won’t be getting long-awaited systemwide ‘dark mode’

A Google engineer has recently spoken refuted the rumors of a system-wide dark mood coming to future versions of Android
solar power

Tesla uses Powerwalls and solar panels to bring AC to Hawaii schools

Tesla and the Hawaiian Department of Education have partnered to help install more than a thousand air conditioners in Hawaiian classrooms.
top tech stories intel

Intel warned Chinese tech firms of security flaws before telling U.S. government

Intel reportedly warned several tech firms, including some based in China, of the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws before the U.S. government.
new transformers age extinction teasers reveal dinobots villains of

Hasbro may not be rebooting Transformers after all

Hasbro is working to expand its cinematic universe, and a reboot of Transformers may be in the works, but a Hasbro representative has reportedly denied these rumors.
solar power

Tesla is bringing its home batteries to Canada

Tesla and Nova Scotia Power have teamed up to test the viability of Tesla's home and utlity-grade power batteries.
iPhone X - How to use AirDrop

High cost of OLED displays spells trouble for Samsung

Samsung's OLED division could be in a bit of trouble, as the reduced demand for the iPhone X has left the company with a surplus of OLED displays.
zenimax staffs up its free to play game studio headed by star wars galaxies veteran

U.S. Copyright Office considering exemption for abandoned online games

The U.S. Copyright Office is considering a rule change that would provide a copyright exemption for abandoned online games such as MMORPGs.
net neutrality state contracts

Vermont becomes fifth state to sign order supporting net neutrality

The state of Vermont has become the fifth state to sign an executive order mandating support for the principle of net neutrality
internet archive adds five vintage consoles browser emulator atari

Atari embraces cryptocurrencies and sees its stock prices soar

Atari has announced that it is partnering with two different companies to help create new forms of cryptocurrencies.
twitter for mac update

Twitter ends support for its Mac application

Twitter has officially announced the end of its support for the company's long-maligned Mac client, stating that it wants to focus on web and mobile development.
Bitcoin on computer

Ripple expands its domain and enters partnership with UAE Exchange

Ripple has announced that it has entered into a partnership with UAE Exchange to help facilitate international money transfers.
Bitcoin Cash

BitGrail cryptocurrency exchange loses $170 million in Nano tokens

An Italian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitgrail, has reportedly lost $170 million worth of Nano tokens. Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the matter.
android messages improvements phones textting one another

Is Google working on an iMessage competitor?

Google has tried several times to compete with iMessage, but has fallen short. However, a new version of Android Messages may do the trick.
best apple watch deals

Apple may be the one of the world’s largest watchmakers

Who is the world's largest watchmaker? It's not Rolex or Swatch, but Apple. The company's line of smartwatches saw some major success in 2017.
The GeForce GTX 1080.

Nvidia says it’s working to increase supply of GPUs

During a recent call to investors, Nvidia's leadership spoke about its plans to increase production of GPUs.
robot tutor emotional states group of school kids with teacher sitting in classroom and raising hands

Script hopes to make school permission slips a thing of the past

Field trip forms are a major pain for both parents and teachers. A new startup called Script aims to help reduce the amount of paperwork needed from both parties.