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facebook stories on desktop tested sign

Is Facebook spying on your conversations to target you with ads?

Facebook's VP of ads has taken to Twitter to reassure users that the company does not use your mic to spy on you.
Newegg Green Monday sale

South Korean banks sue online retailer Newegg for alleged Ponzi scheme

Online retailer Newegg has been sued by four South Korean banks for alleged participation in a Ponzi scheme that defrauded billions
sony stephen king the dark tower movie tv show

King says 'The Dark Tower' TV series will take place in its own universe

The upcoming TV adaptation of The Dark Tower will reportedly be a complete reboot according to series author Stephen King
the inhumans tv series imax marvel

Will low ratings spell the end of Marvel's 'Inhumans'?

Marvel's Inhumans has been plagued by troubles from the very beginning, and the recent rating news doesn't make things any better.
evidence released pointing identity bitcoin founder home subsequently raided craig wright mem 3v2

The value of cryptocurrencies is on the rise, but so are the risks from hackers

As the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to rise so do the risks of exploitation by hackers.
World's smallest pacemaker approved by FDA

When protecting medical devices from hacks, is the cure worse than the disease?

Pacemakers and other medical devices are at risk for being hacked, but the solutions often cause problems of their own.
Android development bundle

Billboard Charts will weigh streaming services more heavily in 2017

Billboard Charts has announced that it adjust is 2018 metrics to more heavily favor streaming sites such as Spotify
sony hackers still unidentified hunt seems mission impossible hacking

Google will give you $1,000 to hack Android’s most popular apps

Google is offering a $1,000 bonus to white hat hackers who help it, along with app developers, find vulnerabilities within the Play Store
facebook data report 2016 center servers

This microwave-based hard drive will offer 40 terabytes of storage

The battle between different types of hard drives appears all but over, but new technology from Western Digital may be a game changer
new rumors about the tesla home batterys price and leasing program solar battery mem 2

Your home could be powered by solar-powered batteries in the near future

Solar power could be the future of your home specifically in the form of solar-powered batteries that could cut your utility bill
the new mutants

‘The New Mutants’ to be the first in a trilogy of superhero-themed horror movies

Enjoy horror movies? How about superhero movies? Well, if you're a fan of both then Fox's upcoming New Mutants may be just the thing.
google lowers price of headphone adapter to match apple pixel 2 hands on black lock screen 1500x1000

Google lowers the price of the Pixel 2’s headphone adapter

Google has announced that it will be lowering the price of its headphone adapter dongle from $20 to $9, which is the same as Apple's.
Apple Pencil

Is Apple working on a rival to Samsung's Note 8?

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPhone that will be compatible with an updated version of the Apple Pencil
OnePlus 5 soft gold

OnePlus announces it will allow users to opt out of data-collection program

OnePlus has announced changes to the way it handles the collection of customer data, but some users still have questions.
digital blend wii u includes support for free to play games babel rising allows you punish heathens humble indie bundle 5

IGN buys digital storefront Humble Bundle, which promises no changes

The video game news site IGN has announced that it is purchasing the digital store Humble Bundle which is known for its monthly bundles.
Google Home Mini Review

Google is offering free donuts and Home Minis to people in select cities

Want a chance to either win donuts or one of Google's brand new smart speakers? Then, the Google Home Mini Donut Shop is for you
hacking team adobe flash windows security exploit cyber

InfoWatch to announce security-focused Taiga phone at GITEX Technology Week 2017

At the upcoming GITEX Technology Week 2017, InfoWatch Group will announce its new security-focused smartphone
The SNES Classic Edition angled to the downward left

Want more games on your Super Nintendo Classic? Now you can add them yourself

Want to add even more great games to your Super Nintendo Classic? Well a recently unveiled mod allows just that.
wait for iphone x iphone 6

Apple’s iPhone X leads Android manufacturers to embrace facial recognition

Inspired by the iPhone X, Android developers are looking into adapting facial Recognition for use in their future smartphones
facebook stories on desktop tested sign

Facebook launches desktop version of Workplace Messenger with screen sharing

Facebook is gearing up to compete with Slack in a big way. The company recently launched a desktop version of its Workplace app
microsoft cortana beta ios mockup

Need to turn on your lights? Cortana can help with that

Microsoft's latest update to Cortana makes it easier than ever to manage your various smart home appliances
nintendo switch vs wii u new 3ds xl nintendoswitch hardware console 03

Nintendo aims to produce 2 million Switch consoles per month

Nintendo is working hard to increase production of its popular Nintendo Switch console. The company will produce 2 million units a month
iphone 8 x factory video news apple logo

Is Apple really slowing down old iPhones to make you buy a new one?

Many people theorize that Apple's iOS updates are designed to slow down older phones, but is there any evidence for this?

Google to deploy Project Loon balloons to Puerto Rico to restore cell service

Alphabet has received FCC permission to deploy Project Loon balloons over Puerto Rico in an attempt to restore cell service to the island.
Uber self-driving Volvo XC90

Here is how Uber selects the backup drivers for its fleet of self-driving cars

One day Uber's self-driving cars will be truly autonomous, but, for now, the company is relying on a team of backup safety drivers
Intel and Waymo

United States Senate clears way for self-driving cars

In a show of bipartisanship, United States Senate is preparing to pass a bill clearing the way for self-driving cars

Microsoft defends Edge's poor selection of extensions

A year after extensions were brought to Microsoft's Edge browser, consumer choice is woefully lacking. Here's Microsoft's explanation
DT's Favorite Games of 2016

'Darkest Dungeon' To Come To Nintendo's Hybrid Console

A port of Darkest Dungeon has been announced for the Nintendo Switch giving players the ability to slay monsters on the go.
apple vs fbi backdoor to data already exists security unlock touch

Google prepares to launch new security program using physical keys

Online security is more important than ever and Google is preparing to launch a new program geared toward security-conscious clients.
blade runner 2049 review interview mem 4v2

Here’s why there are no cell phones in ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Award-winning director Denis Villeneuve has explained the lack of cell phones and Google in his new film, 'Blade Runner 2049.'
the inhumans tv series imax marvel

Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ launches to weak reviews and mediocre ratings

Marvel's Inhumans premiered last Friday and neither audiences nor critics seemed impressed with the latest comic book adaptation.
apple file system

Apple may develop its own line of ARM chips for use in MacBooks

Apple is reportedly looking into developing their own modem chips for use in future versions of MacBook notebooks
nintendo sleep sensor cancelled super mario

Nintendo rule on live-streams highlights contentious relationship with YouTube

Nintendo has announced that members of the Nintendo Creators Program will no longer be allowed to live-stream Nintendo content
Element Amazon Fire TV unboxing and setup

Amazon announces three new sci-fi shows for its streaming service

Amazon has announced three adaptations of three popular science-fiction properties as part of its upcoming TV production schedule.