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Want more games on your Super Nintendo Classic? Now you can add them yourself

SNES Classic Mini Hack: How to add your own games with HakChi2
We all know it would happen at some point, but we don’t think most people expected it to happen so soon. Polygon has reported that the Super Nintendo Classic has been hacked, allowing users to add their own ROMs to the system. This means that users will no longer be restricted to the game’s that come pre-loaded on the system. Of course, this process is still in the early stages and carries a substantial risk of breaking your console and, given current supply issues, finding another one will be tricky.

The YouTube creator who uploaded the guide issued a warning regarding the potential risks of attempting these modifications.

“This is an early version of the exploit, so it’s quite a few steps and a reasonably complicated process which is likely to become a bit easier in the coming few weeks,” YouTube user Skullator said. “However if you want to get started adding your own Roms to the SNES mini today, this is the only method I am aware of which will allow for this.”

That being said, less risky versions of this procedure will likely surface in in the coming months. Near the end of its lifespan, the NES Classic was relatively easy to mod allowing users to add multiple games to the system’s library.

The process carries a rather high risk of ruining your brand new console, and its not like the SNES Classic is currently lacking good games. Nintendo pre-loaded it with 21 of the best SNES games to ever be released, and we doubt too many people have beaten every single one of them. For now, it is probably best to avoid this hack unless you really know what you’re doing. In the coming months, there will probably be a more user-friendly hack out there, but buyer beware and all that.

Of course, all of this assumes that you even managed to get your hands on an SNES Classic and that is far from a certainty. Nintendo has been plagued with supply issues since the console’s launch but insists more are coming in time for the holidays.

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