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A secret Super Punch-Out!! multiplayer mode has been discovered

Just when it feels like every secret from old games has already been unveiled, a new groundbreaking discovery pops up. This is the case with Super Punch-Out!! and a 28-year-old secret multiplayer versus mode on both SNES hardware and Nintendo Switch Online.

At the title, hold Y+R, then press A or START. Following screen will appear instead or regular menus. Here you can select any character to fight a free single match. See, even fighters from SPECIAL CIRCUIT are available here. ->

— Unlisted Cheats (@new_cheats_news) August 8, 2022

Twitter user new_cheats_news found undiscovered cheats in the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System boxing game which all use two-button combinations. While the two sound test and Japanese name input codes were already well-known, he found two others that broke the retro gaming internet.

By holding Y+R on joypad 2 at the title screen and pressing A or Start on joypad 1 after, a versus screen featuring Lil Mac and the various enemies of the game will appear. This screen allows players to select an opponent and fight them in a free single match.

The biggest part of the discovery is that another player can control the CPU enemy in this mode. This is done at the character info screen by holding B+Y on joypad 2 and then pressing A or START on joypad 1. So for those that have dreamt of controlling enemies like Bald Bull and Super Macho man, this is a dream come true. You’ll just have to do a bit of testing to find out what button inputs lead to the different specials from each boxer.

Many immediately went and tried this new find on the Nintendo Switch Online port of Super Punch-Out!! and found that it worked just like on the real hardware. So that’s another multiplayer game to try out for Switch Online subscribers.

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