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Amazon announces three new sci-fi shows for its streaming service

Snowcrash Stephenson
Thanks to the likes of HBO and Netflix, we’re living in a golden age of television. Whether you’re a fan nostalgia-driven horror, gritty crime dramas, or fantasy politics, there’s something for everyone. That being said, one area that is lacking is the realm of science fiction. For a variety of reasons, sci-fi hasn’t quite made the leap that other genres have, but Amazon is hoping to change that with three new shows.


Lazarus is based on the comic by Greg Ruca, who has worked on numerous titles for DC and Marvel. The comic and show are set in an alternative future where the world is ruled by 16 rival families who rule over their fiefdoms. These families do not always get along, so in order to deal with their rivals and keep their subjects in line, each family employs an assassin known as a Lazarus.

In addition bringing Ruca on board as writer and producer, Amazon has hired Michael Lark and Angela Cheng Caplan to serve as co-producers.


Based on the novel by Neal Stephenson, Snowcrash follows Hiro Protagonist. Snowcrash takes place in a cyberpunk future where the world is ruled by corporations. Protagonist makes his living delivering pizzas for Uncle Enzo’s CosoNostra Pizza Inc. The adventures of a cyberpunk delivery boy probably wouldn’t make for great TV, so it’s a good thing that Protagonist spends his evenings in the digital Metaverse. It’s there that he discovers a new computer virus killing his fellow hackers. The novel was an interesting blend of cyberpunk and mythology, so hopefully the show mixes it up as well well.

Snowcrash is being developed in partnership with Paramount Television and will feature Joe Cornish and Frank Marshall as executive producers.


Based upon Larry Niven’s series of sci-fi novels from the 70s, Ringworld follows the exploits of Louis Gridley Wu. Bored with his life in the technological future, the 200-year-old Wu joins an expedition to explore the Ringworld which is an artificial structure found floating beyond the known reaches of space.

Ringworld is being produced in conjunction with MGM, but beyond that, little is known regarding the details of the show.

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