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Homework: Relearning learning amid a global pandemic


As the ongoing pandemic continues to drive a major shift in the way schools operate, Digital Trends is following students and teachers as they adapt to our new normal. We’ll check in with students, teachers, and families as they adapt to remote schooling, from parents forced to keep young children at home to teachers who suddenly have to teach via Zoom.

teacher leading a remote classroom

These teachers aren’t just enduring the remote education era — they’re thriving

After adjusting to the new normal of pandemic-are education, many teachers have discovered not only how to survive, but how to thrive in a virtual classroom
AI in education kid with robot

A.I. teaching assistants could help fill the gaps created by virtual classrooms

Distance learning has created a disconnect between teachers and students. Can A.I. help fill that void?
high school senior part 2 college freshman students wearing face masks

With coronavirus on campus, college freshmen face a disorienting orientation

Addison Cross is a college freshman at Texas A&M who's learning the ropes as she navigates her first year at school.
as coronavirus cases rise a miami mom struggles to keep up with distance learning norma schwartz thumbnail

As coronavirus cases rise, a Miami mom struggles to keep up with distance learning

Norma Schwartz hasn't told her kids they aren't going back to the classroom this fall as their school district plans to continue with distance learning.
Juliana Davila

Texas teacher plans to be ‘overly cautious’ as schools reopen

Juliana Davila, a Spanish teacher located in Texas, plans to be 'overly cautious' as students return to school during the coronavirus pandemic.
Norma Schwartz

Summer staycation: A Miami mom weighs the cost of keeping her kids cooped up

Like many parents, Norma Schwartz struggled with distance learning. But she also worries about her two elementary-age kids dependency on technology.
Ben Coulimore Portrait

The balancing act: What it’s like to be a high schooler and essential worker

Ben Coulimore is a high-school junior who takes college-level courses as part of the Running Start program. He's also an essential worker at a nursing home.
Addison Cross

Social distance and senioritis: Graduating high school in 2020

Addison Cross just graduated from high school in Texarkana, Texas. Social distancing meant many milestones of senior year were different but still memorable.
Juliana Davila

Up in the air: How one Texas teacher is preparing for an uncertain future

Juliana Davila teaches students ranging from pre-K to eighth grade. Since distance learning was set in place, she worries what next fall will look like.