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How to remap and customize controller buttons on PS5

Whether it's for accessibility reasons or you simply prefer your buttons to be mapped differently, you can completely customize your button layout on PS5.
The Playstation 5 system standing upright.

How to turn off notifications on PS5

Sometimes you just don't want to be interrupted while you're playing games or streaming, so Sony has made it easy for you to turn off notifications on PS5.
The Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom.

The best single-player games

Single-player adventures are some of the most beloved and immersive gaming experiences out there. These are the best single-player games.
Samoa Joe as Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal.

New trailer dives into the world of Peacock’s Twisted Metal show

Meet Sweet Tooth, John Doe, and the deadly drivers in Peacock's upcoming adaptation of the hit PlayStation video game series, Twisted Metal.
how to play split screen fortnite duo

This trick guarantees you’ll get bots only in every Fortnite match

Using this trick, you can be sure that you'll always get bots in Fortnite's battle royale mode so you can quest in peace.
Sackboy facing obstacles in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

The best PS5 games for kids

You could spend hours sifting through games for your kid. That's why we've curated this list of the best PS5 games to help you find the right game for all ages.
A player prepares to start a run in Synapse

The best Synapse upgrades: 3 abilities to buy with Insight first

These three abilities are some of the most useful upgrades Synapse players can buy with Insight.
Miles shooting his webs in "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse."

What will happen in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse?

Following the success of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, here are some predictions of what could happen in the sequel, Beyond the Spider-Verse.
wo long fallen dynasty releases march 3 2023

How to start the Battle of Zhongyuan DLC in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

If you've already completed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you may want to check out the first of three DLCs planned for the game. Here's how to start The Battle of Zhongyuan.
Clive walks through a field in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI’s most impressive innovations are the ones you can hear

Final Fantasy XVI features a trio of impressive audio innovations, including a system that automatically generates sound effects.
A Baldur's Gate 3 character lights the way.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s release date just got delayed and moved up at the same time

Originally slated for launch on August 31, the PC version of Baldur's Gate 3 now launches on August 3 while the PS5 version comes out on September 6.
A player lifts and enemy with telekinesis in Synapse

Synapse review: mind-bending roguelite’s mental blocks prevent greatness

If you're looking for a good reason to boot up your PlayStation VR2, Synapse offers some fun action despite a lacking roguelite setup.

You can get Call of Duty and Alan Wake with PS Plus in July

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered, and Endling -- Extinction is Forever are July's PS Plus titles.
Clive pets the dog in Final Fantasy XVI Final Fantasy 16

How to expand your inventory in Final Fantasy 16

If you want to expand your inventory in Final Fantasy 16, you'll need to take on a particular sub-quest. Luckily, we've got all the info about where to find it.
Scuf Reflex Pro controller.

The best PS5 controllers for 2023

Looking for alternative PS5 controller options? While the DualSense is a strong pick, we've found the other top controllers that can work with the PS5 as well.
sony xperia pro i camera phone deal best buy april 2023 product render

Sony’s most powerful camera phone is $800 off at Best Buy

This deal on the Sony Xperia PRO-I makes it $800 off. Get your phone with an amazing camera for just $1,000, down from $1,800. We have all of the details here!
Sony HT-S2000 in front of a TV.

Sony HT-S2000 soundbar review: Sony trades smarts for bigger audio

You don't get many features, but Sony's Dolby Atmos sound is superb, making the HT-S2000 a truly immersive one-speaker system.
An astronaut stands on the moon in Starfield.

I rated this summer’s biggest gaming showcases. This was the best one

Was the PlayStation Showcase, Xbox Games Showcase, Summer Game Fest kickoff, Ubisoft Forward, or Nintendo Direct the summer's best livestream? We rated all 5.
Final Fantasy 16 summon holding a crystal.

All Dominants and Eikons in Final Fantasy 16

As with most games in the long-running franchise, Final Fantasy 16 contains some impressively massive summons, but they play a much bigger role in this story.
Andrew Barth Feldman and Jennifer Lawrence in No Hard Feelings.

Is No Hard Feelings streaming?

Jennifer Lawrence is back on the big screen in the rowdy comedy, No Hard Feelings. But are you able to skip the theater and stream No Hard Feelings at home?
Paul Dano in Dumb Money.

Dumb Money trailer reveals the people behind the GameStop stock squeeze

Want to watch some gamers and armchair investors make it big and lose it all during the GameStop stock squeeze? Sony has shared the new trailer for Dumb Money.
Screenshot of the main character from Final Fantasy 16 fighting an enemy.

How to respec in Final Fantasy 16

There are so many different skills to unlock and use in this grand adventure, so if you're the type who decides you'd like try new things sometimes, you're in luck.
Clive of Final Fantasy XVI.

How to get a chocobo in Final Fantasy 16

Everyone knows that a Final Fantasy game wouldn't be complete without chocobos, and we'll tell you how to get one so that you can explore Valisthea in style.
A man wearing the Sony WH-1000XM5.

Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones are discounted again

The Sony WH-1000XM5 wireless headphones are on sale with a $51 discount from Walmart, so don't miss this opportunity to get them for a more affordable $349.
Sony Bravia X93L Mini LED Review

Sony Bravia X93L mini-LED TV review: premium performance without the ‘Sony tax’

You'd be forgiven for mistaking the Sony X93L for the 2022 X95 mini-LED, but you won't forgive yourself if you sleep on flagship-level specs at this price.
Outriders Intro to the Trickster

The best RPGs for PS5

Whether you like turn-based battles or more action-focused games, there's a game here you're sure to enjoy. Take a look at this list of the best RPGs for PS5.
Shiva floats in the air in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI review: spectacular highs and lows in an uneven epic

Final Fantasy XVI impresses with awe-inspiring action, but shallow RPG systems turn the time between big battles into an unrewarding chore.
Shiva in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: release date, file size, and preload options

Sharpen your blades, drink an elixir, and preload your copy of Final Fantasy 16 so you're fully prepared for launch! Here's when and how to preload the game.
Wildguard Relik press image showing his Cloak Gauntlets

How to get Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets and MK-Alpha Assault Rifle in Fortnite

There's a new baddie prowling around in Chapter 4, Season 3's jungle biome, so make sure to pay him a visit if you want to earn yourself some sweet loot.
kraven the hunter 2023 movie first trailer poster featured

The hunt begins in Sony’s first Kraven the Hunter trailer

Spider-Man foe Kraven the Hunter gets his own movie from Sony Pictures. But will Kraven fare any better at the box office than Morbius?
The Scuf Reflex controller sitting among several other controllers.

I can rest — my search for the ultimate PC gaming controller is over

I've cycled through a dozen controllers or more over the years, but the Scuf Reflex has finally ended my search.
Presidents Day sales with electonic devices packed in open boxes.

A new Best Buy sale just started – our 11 favorite deals

With deals ranging from robot vacuum cleaners to TVs and gaming laptops, this Best Buy weekend sale is the perfect time to shop.
A Sony Bravia Cam being installed on the Sony A95K

Zoom calls are coming to Sony TVs

Sony says its Bravia TVs will soon be the first models that work with the Zoom TV app from the Google Play store.
how long is diablo 4 diablo4 isometric barbarian

Best ways to make money in Diablo 4

If you want to be able to purchase the best upgrades for your armor and ensure you stay ahead of the curve, you're going to need plenty of money in your pocket.