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Joshua speaks to Clive in Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI’s first 3 hours play like a high fantasy Last of Us

The first 3 hours of Final Fantasy XVI give a much better sense of the RPG's modernized approach video game to storytelling.
Humans jump over a gap in Humanity.

Humanity is the best PS5 (and PSVR2) game I’ve played so far

Humanity is a brilliant puzzle game that reminds me of the weird PlayStation games I grew up loving.
Sony's Project Leonardo controller sits on a table.

PlayStation reveals new features and UI for its PS5 Access Controller

Sony's Project Leonardo is now called the Access Controller. Get a first look at how to customize it on PS5, as well as what parts come with it.
gamescom 2012 ps vita announcements playstation tearaway media molecule

I miss the golden age of oddball, first-party PlayStation exclusives

Between closing PixelOpus and its refocus on live-service titles, PlayStation is losing the eccentric spirit that helped establish the brand.
A party of characters stands together in a Final Fantasy XIV dungeon.

Final Fantasy XIV jobs guide: which job is right for you?

There are a lot of jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, so you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don't worry, though, because we've got everything you need to know right here.
A discord voice chat on PS5.

How to use Discord on PS5

You can now at least use Discord to chat with your friends using your PS5, regardless if they're on another PS5, PC, or even mobile. Here's how to set it up.
Rivet from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

One of the PS5’s most impressive exclusives leads next batch of PS Plus games

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is finally coming to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium this month.
Peter and Miles from Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

3 big things I need to see from the next PlayStation Showcase

Rumors note that there may be a big PlayStation Showcase on the horizon. Here's what we need to see from Sony's next big reveal stream.
Two-key chest

How to open a two-key chest in Fortnite

These rare chests contain some of the best guns you can find in the game.
Sony SRS-XV800 being wheeled away with lights on.

Sony’s latest party speaker brings a light show to your next karaoke session

The Sony SRS-XV800 can power a party for 24 hours while it dazzles revelers with a built-in light show.
Person holding Nintendo Switch, looking at the home screen.

The bestselling consoles of all time

Some video game consoles have sold tens of millions of units and launched features that forever changed gaming. Here are the bestselling consoles of all time.
A logo that says "Best 50 Games of All Time" on a blue background.

The 50 best video games of all time

From Doom to Breath of the Wild, we believe these 50 games represent the best of what video games have to offer.
Hulk shouts at an enemy in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns for Nintendo Switch canceled ahead of last-gen launch

Marvel's Midnight Suns is out on PS4 and Xbox One next week, but it's no longer coming to Nintendo Switch.
Republic Chest

Where to find Republic Chests in Fortnite

If you want to try out the new DC-15 Blaster, you'll want to track down and open some Republic Chests.
Sony A80L 4K OLED TV.

Sony releases its 2023 TV prices with one very big exception

Sony TV fans can now see just how much a new 2023 model will run them and when they'll be able to buy one – except for the company's flagship QD-OLED TV.
A table holding a DualSense controller, a DualSense Backbone, a regular Backbone, and an Xbox Series X controller.

I ditched my consoles and went to cloud gaming for a week – here’s how it went

I'm a cloud gaming skeptic. So I switched my entire gaming life to streaming-only for a week to put the tech to the test.
Cal Kestis with BD-1 droid on his shoulder.

All perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There are plenty of perks to find and use in the game, but some require you to check out New Game Plus.
Jedi Cal Kestis.

All lightsaber stances in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There are five total stances in Jedi Survivor, each with its own unique qualities that make them very appealing.
Cal Kestis with BD-1 droid on his shoulder.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s arachnophobia toggle removes all spiders

In addition to a wide variety of accessibility options in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can also remove all spiders from the game.
Jedi Cal Kestis.

The best skills to buy first in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Kestis has a wide variety of skills available to him, and we've got you covered on which ones you should pick up first.
Cal stands beneath the clouds in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor key art.

How to respec in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

It's OK if you want to switch up your playstyle a bit, and we'll tell you how you can respec in Star Wards Jedi: Survivor to make that happen.
Cal Kestis.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review: impressive sequel makes Cal’s journey personal

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has Cal Kestis dealing with duty and obligation in EA's most densely packed Star Wars game to date.
Three Spider-Men come in for a landing in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Where to watch all the Spider-Man movies

Want to catch up with your favorite Marvel superhero? This is where you can find out where to watch all of the Spider-Man movies from the past two decades.
Spider-Man crawling on the side of a skyscraper in a poster for "Spider-Man" (2002).

Sony’s Spider-Man movies and Venom finally come to Disney+

Disney+ is adding more Marvel movies this spring thanks to a deal with Sony that will finally bring Spider-Man movies and Venom into the fold.
Aloy flies past the Hollywood sign in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores review: Aloy gets a Hollywood ending

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores doesn't make the most of its LA setting, but the DLC is still an important chapter in Aloy's journey.
Patrick Wilson in Insidious: The Red Door.

Insidious: The Red Door’s trailer brings old demons to light

Will the Lambert family ever be free of their demons? The first trailer for Insidious: The Red Door reveals that the Lamberts can run, but they can never hide.
Mark McGwire hits a baseball with a bat in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 ad shows baseball is still tone-deaf about Steroid Era

The addition of Negro Leagues players to MLB The Show 23 is a reason to celebrate, but what in the world are Steroid Era sluggers doing alongside them?
Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Everything you need to know about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

Before Miles Morales and a whole new team of Spider-Heroes hits theaters, you can review everything you need to know about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
A side view of the PlayStation VR2, which sits on a wood table.

Can you play PSVR games on PSVR2?

You might assume that this new headset would be backwards compatible, but if you have some PSVR games you want to play on PSVR2, here's what you need to know.
Clive pets the dog in Final Fantasy XVI Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy XVI State of Play: How to watch and what to expect

Sony is hosting another State of Play today that will focus on Final Fantasy XVI. Here's when it's going down and what to expect.
Dlyan Wireless Headphones

What is hi-res audio, and how can you experience it right now?

Hi-res audio has gone from an audiophile novelty to a mainstream attraction, but there's still a bit of a learning curve to master before you can enjoy it.
Sony MDR-MV1 open-back studio headphones.

Sony goes open-back with the MDR-MV1 studio monitors designed for spatial audio

Sony's new headphones are a real departure for the company, with an open-back design it says will help audio pros hear all the nuances of spatial audio.
Character looks at an open Scout Regiment Footlocker

Where to find Scout Regiment Footlockers in Fortnite

If you want to try some of the new Attack on Titan items (and who doesn't?), you'll first need to seek out and open one of these Scout Regiment Footlockers.
Leon parries a chainsaw villager in Resident Evil 4.

The best PS4 games for 2023

The PlayStation 4 is home to some of the best games, period. Here, we highlight the best games the platform has to offer, from shooter to RPG and puzzle.