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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC: how to solve the lithograph puzzle in Chapter 4

Part of the way through Chapter 4 of Resident Evil 4‘s Separate Ways DLC, you’ll find yourself needing to track down some ingredients to make some new medicine. One of the first things you’ll encounter while doing so is a wall of lithographs that must be placed in a specific order to open a hidden door leading to a shield wall puzzle, which itself yields one of the necessary ingredients you’re seeking. Here’s how to solve the lithograph puzzle.

How to solve the lithograph puzzle in Chapter 4

When you first set off to find the ingredients, you’ll probably come across the wall with two lithographs set in it alongside two empty slots. This means you’ll first need to find the other two stone tablets – both of which are nearby and require minimal effort to round up. One tablet is easily found in the same room as the lithograph puzzle, while the other is on a desk in a room further down the main hallway.

When you’ve obtained both lithographs, return to the puzzle and place the tablets into the empty slots. Notice next to each slot is a symbol (two of which are partially scrubbed off) that corresponds to one of the symbols on each of the lithographs. In order to solve this puzzle, you’ll need to not only match the appropriate symbol, but you’ll also need to select and flip the lithographs to the correct colors, too.

A wall with lithographs

Starting from the top and working clockwise, here are the correct solutions.

  • Top: Red fan with square border
  • Right: Black umbrella with square border
  • Bottom: Black dress with hexagon border
  • Left: Red hat with hexagon border

By placing the lithographs in the proper slots and matching the colors, the door will open and lead you to a room with an even trickier puzzle you’ll need to solve to get the first ingredient needed for the medicine.

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