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Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways DLC: where to find the Lord of the Waterway in Chapter 5

As you make your way through Resident Evil 4‘s Separate Ways DLC, you’ll occasionally come across some blue notes stapled to the wall near merchant locations. These offer you unique merchant requests for the area that can be completed and turned in to earn Spinels for buying useful items. When you find yourself in Gregorio’s Waterway in Chapter 5, you’ll stumble upon one of these merchant requests asking you to track down, eliminate, and then sell the Lord of the Waterway. Here’s where to reel in this big fish.

Where to find the Lord of the Waterway in Chapter 5

After picking up the merchant request, continue through the linear pathway until you come across a wheel you can turn that will lower the water in the area. Return to the merchant’s room, where you’ll find you can now descend a ladder into the remaining knee-deep water.

From where you land, take the left path through the destroyed wall and kill any bugs that get in your way. Take another left directly after and make your way around the pillar in the center of this next segment of the room. When you reach the back wall, you’ll be able to crouch and pass through the tight opening here. Directly after exiting on the other side, you should notice a large fish in the water ahead of you – this is the Lord of the Waterway. Kill it, then loot its corpse.

After looting the Lord of the Waterway, you’ll now need to backtrack to the merchant’s room once more. When you arrive, simply speak to the merchant and sell him your big catch to complete the request and earn Spinel x8. Spend them wisely!

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